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Nonprofits dedicate themselves to help communities and create an impact in their lives. These efforts are supported by fundraisers and volunteering that require marketing to attract donors and volunteers. Marketing provides nonprofits a platform to display their impact and reach out to supporters. This builds a strong foundation of the community and strengthens brand awareness to help people understand your cause.

Marketing help nonprofits connect with their supporters and give wings to their mission by spreading the message and engaging donors. This empowers nonprofits to grow as an organization and accelerate their activities to help people around the world. It celebrates the impact made by nonprofits in the lives of needful beneficiaries and efforts put by the volunteers.

Marketing platforms that can help nonprofits
engage supporters and spread awareness

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a well-equipped platform that can help nonprofits manage their marketing campaigns through multiple channels like SMS, Social Media, and Emails. It is well suited for organizations with a large number of supporters, as it is designed to excel in mass communication. Marketing Cloud helps marketers to create personalized content to bolster donor and volunteer engagement.

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Pardot is a well-renowned marketing tool that is meant for small and medium sized nonprofit organizations. It offers a wide range of marketing automation and workflow triggers that eliminates mundane manual tasks. This helps marketers to focus on productive activities and shrugs off excessive load from marketers’ shoulders. In addition, Pardot provides easy and effective integration with Salesforce CRM to deliver a connected experience.

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Third-Party Platforms

Apart from Marketing Cloud and Pardot, Salesforce also supports integration with other leading marketing platforms like Marketo and Mailchimp via API, middleware, or AppExchange. This allows your marketers to sync the Salesforce and marketing data together, which helps in personalizing content, driving better engagement campaigns, and connecting with donors, volunteers, and stakeholders. With Salesforce integration, managing marketing activities becomes easier and provides an eagle’s eye view of your campaigns and their performance.



DemandBlue.org can help you connect your marketing platform with
Salesforce instance agility for maximizing marketing output.

At DemandBlue, we house a team of Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Email Studio, Integration and Nonprofit Cloud specialists that work closely with your organization to understand your nonprofit needs and formulate implementation strategies. Our implementation services let you run dynamic email campaigns, engage with donors and volunteers, successfully measure the impact performance of your campaigns.

We help you generate in-depth reports and performance metrics, effectively develop marketing strategizes, and personalize the marketing journey of your donors.

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We can help you with every marketing hindrance with our Salesforce solutions. Our unique Marketing Cloud Setup, automation, and customizations will allow you to personalize customer journeys, engage your audience, and establish a brand presence, all from a single platform.


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