Client improves productivity and accuracy of its credit report team by providing them quick and easy access to all data through a 360-degree Dashboard

About the Client

The client is a well-established nonprofit organization in US, Brazil, and Canada that supports the fight against drugged driving, underage drinking, etc.

  • Created a Visualforce page to generate each credit and debit report.
  • Able to generate CSV file for all Fees of ledger entries with custom filters.
  • Customized the accounting seed recordfor each transaction carried out.
  • Potential to generate Credit, Debit, Credit Fee and debit fee reports under one single system.
  • Increased accuracy and data fulfillment for each report of a ledger entry.
  • 90% decrease in Error Reporting across all transactions.

Salesforce: Sales cloud

Technologies: Credit and debit report, Accounting seed records customization, Nonprofit, 360-degree Dashboard