A nonprofit Client optimizes cost through integration between Salesforce and Luminate Online

About the Client

Client is a nonprofit organization that is fighting for girls’ rights. Together with their partners, they tear down the gender inequality barriers to empower girls and secure their lives for a bright future ahead.

Use Case
  • Reverse-engineered the Informatica logic
  • Built the functionalities in Salesforce by
    leveraging out-of-the-box features wherever possible.
  • Integrated Salesforce and Luminate Online and eliminated Informatica as the middleware
  • By retaining existing UI and functionalities and providing adequate training,
    team ensured there was good adoption of the system by the end users
  • Cost on the purchase and renewal of middleware license was eliminated
  • Resource downsizing was possible since an additional team to maintain the middleware was not needed

Salesforce: NPSP

Technologies: Informatica, Apex, LWC