Enhance your business outreach through Marketing Automation for Nonprofits with Salesforce

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Marketing provides nonprofits a platform to display their impact and reach out to supporters. This builds a strong foundation for the community and strengthens brand awareness to help people understand your cause.

Thus, a specifically designed marketing automation platform for nonprofits empowers your nonprofit organization to grow rapidly. DemandBlue, a consulting partner with deep-rooted experience in Salesforce solutions for nonprofit organizations, offers extended marketing automation implementation service.

As a part of the implementation strategy, DemandBlue helps clients through a discovery phase of marketing automation from consulting, configuration, customization to the deployment of Salesforce marketing automation platform for nonprofits.

Marketing platforms that can help nonprofits engage supporters and spread awareness

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a well-equipped platform that can help nonprofits manage their marketing campaigns through multiple channels like SMS, social media, and emails. It is well suited for organizations with a large number of supporters, as it is designed to excel in mass communication. Marketing Cloud helps marketers create personalized content to bolster donor, program, and volunteer engagement. DemandBlue, as a Salesforce.org consulting partner, ensures to connect the Marketing Cloud with your Salesforce CRM to optimize donor, fundraisers’ journey. With enabling technology, our team assists in achieving your nonprofit mission.

Unleash the power of Marketing Automation with DemandBlue

Using Marketing Cloud or Pardot automation tools, DemandBlue facilitates the effectiveness of nonprofit marketing campaigns with configurations to automate multiset journeys and relationships across donors, groups, fundraisers, and more. DemandBlue offers a custom marketing cloud implementation to maximize marketing cloud potential.

  • Pre-built marketing email templates designed to send personalized emails for donors, subscribers, volunteers, and more.
  • Maximize conversion, fundraising, donation, and overall campaign potential.
  • Strengthen the effectiveness of your nonprofit campaigns with data-driven marketing content.

Why Choose DemandBlue as your Nonprofit Partner for Marketing Cloud?

DemandBlue understands the objective of your nonprofit mission and ensures to build roadmaps in combination with agile technology and strategies to empower your nonprofits. We analyze predictive data and customize the marketing cloud platform to align with your nonprofit development team’s mission.

  • DemandBlue offers an on demand services for Marketing Cloud implementation and gets your nonprofit mission up and running in no time.
  • Our team ensures to deliver a lightning experience for your Marketing Cloud automation with quick configuration and customization of features.
  • DemandBlue’s services for nonprofits promise better resource planning and flexibility for implementing the marketing cloud platform.
  • Our Marketing Cloud service comes with a cost-effective model where you only pay for what you use. We promise a 50% reduction in your total cost ownership.
  • DemandBlue’s team assists you in creating landing page templates, email templates that best match your existing brand.
  • Our nonprofit experts deliver custom automation rules to segment your marketing communication based on members, donors, volunteers, etc.
  • Our team also customizes engagement paths, forms, lead scoring rules, and data/reports to enhance your nonprofit mission.

Marketing automation made simple with our Pardot implementation

Pardot is a well-renowned marketing tool that is meant for small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations. It offers a wide range of marketing automation and workflow triggers that eliminates mundane manual tasks. This helps marketers to focus on productive activities and shrugs off excessive load from marketers’ shoulders. In addition, Pardot provides easy and effective integration with Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud to deliver a connected experience. DemandBlue as a Pardot implementation partner, does the heavy-lifting of understanding your donors’ scores with the prediction of their likeliness to donate. Pardot comes with top-notch features and functionalities for nonprofits:

  • Streamline customer journey, automate funding asks, and does more to your fundraising campaigns.
  • Empower event management, volunteer events, and maximize recurring donors with Eventbrite.
  • Effortlessly manage volunteer activities such as follow-ups, identifying donors, nurturing, etc.
  • Manage your marketing budget efficiently with real-time reports. Get a 360-degree view of your nonprofit campaign development.

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