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We help your organization deliver an excellent academic experience with our Salesforce Education Cloud services. Our goal is to assist educational institutions in reframing (or enhancing) their education system with improved student lifecycle management.

Unleash the real power of Education Cloud with DemandBlue

At DemandBlue, we provide efficient and transparent Education Cloud implementation services that cover every aspect of your institution. Our team of Education Cloud experts will understand the needs and goals of your institution to devise an implementation strategy that will streamline your recruitment process and add flexibility to your management system. We aim to provide highly customized Education Cloud services to suit your institution and its policies while eliminating barriers for success. We solution an implementation program to help you leverage student data with a 360-degree view of your institution, teachers, and students for a personalized approach.

While planning, we keep your students at the center of our implementation program with Education Data Architecture (EDA) and give them a connected academic experience. Our experts will ensure that every activity of your institution is modernized and enhanced for better alumni relationships, online fundraising, recruitment, advancement, and admission programs. We also enable AI-based insights, with Salesforce, for better and deeper performance measurement and strategic planning.

Three ways DemandBlue enhances your academic management with Salesforce Education Cloud

A holistic view of your institution

We ensure that every stakeholder interaction is recorded and consolidated into Education Cloud. Our services will help you access this information from anywhere with mobile apps while providing a 360-degree view of every member of your institution. We help enhance the engagement and provide detailed reports on every individual, right from your users’ dashboards.

Personalized Approach

At DemandBlue, we believe in delivering personalization at every step of our Education Cloud implementation program. We enable digital engagement with our Education Cloud services and help you have a personalized and interactive engagement with your stakeholders. This centralizes and streamlines the different operations while making your stakeholders feel valued.

Marketing and Enrollment

We understand the value of marketing and its importance to your institution. That’s why we focus on connecting marketing automation tools like Marketing Cloud and Pardot to Education Cloud. We help track and manage marketing campaigns and marketing channels for seamless marketing that accelerates the enrollment process, saves time, and raises the bar of productivity.

    Why do we call ourselves Education Cloud specialists?

  • DemandBlue helps you eliminate the inefficiency and bottlenecks in your education system with our fully customized Education Cloud implementation program. We provide deep integration with other Salesforce products and 3rd party tools for a seamless data transaction that results in a connected and unhindered workflow.
  • Our Education Cloud services are designed to eliminate server issues and downtimes. We provide real-time system maintenance and support to ensure that your institute never faces any maintenance issues.
  • We help you fully leverage the cloud-based SaaS model of Education Cloud to diminish the licensing, on-premises network operations, and maintenance costs.
  • The best part of all is that we provide our services on a Pay-As-You-Use basis through our Salesforce On Demand Services model for Salesforce Education Cloud. This makes our services scalable and flexible without any long-term commitments while eliminating the hassle of resource planning.

The Salesforce Advantage

Unified View of Constituents

Provides a single, unified view of every interaction with prospects, students, alumni, donors, and affiliates. It simply enables you, as an institution, to make smarter decisions.

Connected Experience

Salesforce connects every touchpoint, places students at the center of everything, and drives breakthrough performance across the student lifecycle.

Simplified Student Recruitment

By tracking applicants from the initial touchpoints, and through the entire student lifecycle and managing information across departments, Salesforce helps you to effectively target the right students and boost recruiter productivity and performance.

Support Students

Salesforce for Student Success helps you get a 360-degree student view, by providing frictionless service to cultivate a strong student community.

1:1 Customized Student Experience

Craft the ultimate 1:1 student experience by leveraging Salesforce solutions that allow you to plan and optimize student interactions, deliver personalized content across all channels, and measure your impact.

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