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Program management module

What is Salesforce Program Management Module?

Salesforce Program Management Module (PMM) is a management and tracking solution that allows nonprofits to quickly define and create new programs, deliver personalized services, manage volunteers, and track program engagement. It also provides insightful data to efficiently monitor which initiatives are most successful and lets you adjust services to better meet the needs of participants.

Better program Management

Better Program Management is as Easy as 1-2-3 !

Check out our webinar on Program Management Module on how to dream big with DemandBlue. Our partnership with 123 FormBuilder showcased how to help nonprofits through digital transformation with our On Demand Services for Salesforce.

Why demandblue

Why DemandBlue for your Program Management?

DemandBlue is an approved Salesforce consulting partner that pairs your programs—no matter how complex and diverse—with case management and volunteer engagement. Deliver your programs with the much-needed resources to manage and execute all your programs and services easily.

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We Help Our Client’s Brand Stand Out using Program Management Module

PMM Offerings

Our PMM Offerings

  • Customized PMM Services

    We offer customized PMM services such as PMM Quick Start, the ability to connect PMM with Volunteers for, or the Outbound Funds module to cater to your unique nonprofit needs. As a result, we empower your team to deliver well-managed programs and services while reducing the need for paperwork and spreadsheets, resulting in less strain and headaches for nonprofit professionals.

  • Volunteers for Salesforce

    Volunteers are a key asset for nonprofit organizations and engaging them at every step of their journey is crucial for a productive workflow. We set up the Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) app to help you engage volunteers to track their productivity and volunteer hours using Salesforce Experience Cloud. In addition, our experts configure the system to notify volunteers of their upcoming shifts and send thank-you notes for their efforts through emails or text.

  • Development

    We provide third-party app integration, data cleansing, and migration from legacy systems. We extend custom development to meet needs beyond the basic plan, such as time tracking entry, card scan to monitor the delivery, program funding sources, and billing and hours allocation.

  • Project Management

    Project management includes attending to staff needs such as admin mentoring and assistance, training and adoption of end users, planning for rollouts, and change management. Our PMM implementation enables program managers to deliver consistent and proven services that best suit their participants' needs.

  • Financial Assistance

    We implement the Outbound Funds Module for your organization to meet various requirements and eligibility across multiple programs and services. It manages funding requests and tracks every step of an applicant's journey. In addition, we help you access the fund seeker portal, an added benefit for building and maintaining strong bonds with the applicants.

  • Support

    We modify the intake procedure to correspond to how you onboard new clients and enhance the security model to meet your organization's needs. We also help you create dashboards and reports from scratch or customize them. Our ready-to-use reports and dashboards help improve your day-to-day work activities, such as data entry and collating the objects you need to manage your services into a simple, open-source Salesforce app.

  • Nonprofit Cloud Case Management

    We offer Nonprofit Cloud Case Management implementation services that are tailor-made for your case managers. It enables you to track the services and support your client's needs and the steps to personalize your journey with your clients. In addition, we ensure the smooth processing of data for programs and services to track your client's progress throughout the engagement and create customized actions and goals specific to each of them.

  • Initialization

    During our exploration sessions, we help your organization determine if the Program Management Module is the right choice for you. In addition, we align with your priorities, establish critical outcomes and staff roles, and help you understand how to move forward with implementation.

  • Our PMM Implementation Process

    DemandBlue supports your organization by connecting and engaging its supporters through our software migration, implementation, systems integration, and custom application development expertise.

Benefits of Our PMM Implementation

Benefits of Our PMM Implementation

Better Program Delivery

Through the Salesforce Program Management Module, DemandBlue will provide you with insights that guide you to better program impact. Understand and prioritize participants based on your crucial needs and improve programs and activities according to urgent requirements.

Personalized Care

DemandBlue will leverage Salesforce PMM to provide the ideal option to manage huge caseloads so your clients can meet their goals. Building trust and delivering personalized care is challenging with many clients, but it is made easy with our PMM installation.

Better Volunteer Experiences

DemandBlue will allow you to create better volunteer experiences with Salesforce PMM. Volunteers are vital assets for nonprofits as they increase staff capacity. Our PMM installation helps you engage easily with volunteers so they can invest more time with your organization. For example, send personalized messages with the correct data at the right time.

Improve Program Impact

With the help of Salesforce PMM, DemandBlue helps you build trust and strong relationships with supporters, donors, and the community by sharing your story. Your data holds the potential to create a better program impact. We use PMM to easily pull insights for your organization and make better data-driven decisions.

Success Stories

Success Stories

DemandBlue supports a leading nonprofit

A leading Non-profit cuts redundant costs and improves efficiency by utilizing DemandBlue expertise in Salesforce integrations and automations

DemandBlue enhanced volunteer and supporter outcomes

DemandBlue created a custom application using Salesforce Experience Cloud and Lighting Web Components to provide


Manage programs, be it simple or complex, at ease with DemandBlue!