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DemandBlue – the Reliable Partner for Nonprofit Organizations

  • Our Salesforce consulting services enable nonprofit organizations to build strong relationships with donors, volunteers, clients, and other constituents and make better data-driven decisions.
  • Our Salesforce Nonprofit Consultants deploy the right technology to maximize impact in your constituent communities.
  • Data-driven decisions improve your workflow and operational efficiency.

Key features of Nonprofit Cloud

  • Fundraising
    Make your campaign successful by creating a customized environment for your nonprofit to boost the productivity of your programs and services. Nonprofit Cloud Fundraising helps you to track and maintain your constituent relationships. Handle your donors in segments and automate a moves management strategy based on your criteria.
  • Program Management
    Program Management Module (PMM) helps to deliver consistent and proven services that best suit the participants’ requirements. Use customized PMM to cater to your distinctive nonprofit needs and build your team to provide well-managed programs and services, eliminating the need for paperwork and spreadsheets.
  • Salesforce Elevate
    Create enterprise-level giving pages and acquire your payment process to streamline your donor management using’s Elevate. Develop personalized ask ladders based on past donations and enable your team to initiate card payments from within NPSP for a complete end-to-end donation management experience.
  • Marketing & Engagement
    With Marketing Cloud Engagement, address donors, supporters, and volunteers with superior marketing campaigns that drive engagement and accountability. Build a personalized and well-connected experience for your organization’s constituents and keep everyone aligned towards the goal of your mission.
  • Nonprofit Success Pack
    Get a unified view of your donors and fundraisers with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack for personalizing donor engagement and providing an overview of your campaigns. In addition, Nonprofit Success Pack is an effective tool that provides a ‘relationship viewer’ which helps you bring new prospects to the campaign.
  • Accounting Subledger
    Install and configure Accounting Subledger to streamline the process of mapping your data with other financial systems like Sage Intacct, NetSuite, Banner Finance, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics (Great Plains), and many more. Save your fundraising and financial teams time and keep everyone united by connecting these two systems.

DemandBlue’s Key Offerings

  • Implementation Journey
    We conduct a series of discovery sessions with your team to outline expectations to roadmap your implementation journey. We will help you procure the necessary licenses and products for your organization. We then configure the applications, automation, reporting, and dashboards as needed. We swiftly migrate your database from your previous management platform to the Salesforce ecosystem without duplication errors and data silos for smooth data accessibility and unhindered workflow.
  • End-to-End Data Integration
    We help you to fully leverage your nonprofit data through our Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud integration services, which provide you with a 360-degree view of your organization. This results in better data-driven decisions that will enhance donor, program, and volunteer engagement. We perform an end-to-end synchronization of your nonprofit data and eliminate the need to switch between different platforms to save time and improve productivity.
  • Customized Nonprofit Cloud
    We have great experience in personalizing Nonprofit Cloud for nonprofit organizations. We help you enable the easy to change, hide, or add individual fields feature, so your users view the familiar fields and labels. One of the prominent benefits of our customization is custom reporting. It lets your team analyze your organization and nonprofit campaigns in detail, which helps easily track and measure the impact made by your nonprofit activities and quickly identify the bottlenecks.
  • Training Sessions
    We provide training and adoption sessions to your Salesforce for nonprofit users based on your requirements for easy and quick deployment. We also make sure that the results are always aligned with your organization’s mission and goals.

Nonprofit Cloud’s Significant Benefits

  • Manage Your Stakeholders
    From donors and funders to clients and volunteers, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud gives a 360-degree view of your constituents and measures community impact.
  • Build Strong Donor Relationships
    Create and manage in-depth donor profiles enhanced by DemandBlue’s moves management and build more robust donor engagement. We lay the foundation for a long-term relationship between you and your donors that helps your nonprofit activities create strong brand awareness among your supporters.
  • Deliver Impactful Programs
    Your programs create change and bring value to your community. DemandBlue is here to help you extend the power of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to improve program management. Our Program Management Module implementation services help you make a difference and drive an impact in the lives of beneficiaries.
  • Engage on a Personal Level
    Customize Nonprofit Cloud to personalize engagement with donors, volunteers, participants, and staff through actionable views, process automation, and individualized outreach. Nonprofit cloud can be tuned to connect you with every individual in your organization and create a network for personalized interactions.

Case Studies

A leading Nonprofit reduces redundant costs

DemandBlue team found the right automated solutions to solve a leading Nonprofit client’s business pain points identified during the discovery sessions.

Workflow automation and Salesforce customization powers

DemandBlue’s advisory team assessed the concerns of functional stakeholders. This led to a detailed, customized plan of action, which resulted in greater engagement and productivity.