Nonprofit Cloud: Your Impact Management Toolbox

Impact with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Hello! Welcome once again to DemandBlue’s Impact Management blog series. By now, most of you are well familiar with the term Impact Management and how adopting it can help your organization align with goals. However, if you are new to this blog series, we recommend checking out our previous blogs on Impact Management.

Before diving into the next part of Impact Management, let’s review what we have previously covered:

Impact Management: Impact Management is a series of practices and competencies that help evaluate, manage, and improve the outcomes of your nonprofit activities. Impact Management enhances the output of your organization at every level by combining the elements of program management, monitoring, impact measurement, and evaluation.

Adopting Impact Management: Adopting Impact Management is essential for your organization to deliver its best when it comes to assure maximum impact to beneficiaries’ lives and to gain the trust of your donors. Following best practices and appropriately applying your resources and data can help you adopt impact management for your organization at every level.

Here are the three ways to accelerate the adoption:

  • Strategic Evidence Plan
  • Program Inventory and Map
  • Leverage an Impact Dashboard

Creating Impact with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is an excellent platform that caters to nonprofit organizations allowing them to manage their activities, donors, funds, and campaigns. It provides end-to-end support and helps bridge the gaps between your organization’s marketing, finance, program management, strategy building, and much more. In addition, it gives you a holistic view of the entire organization and everyone associated with it, from a single vantage point. This significantly aids your organization to run nonprofit campaigns faster and better, which creates the needed impact.

How Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud helps to amplify your organization’s impact:

Program Management Module and Case Management

Both Program Management Module and Case Management deliver deep tracking and management functionalities from which nonprofits can benefit. These modules give nonprofit organizations the ability to manage beneficiary interactions, programs and extract meaningful impact data. The ability to track activities and process provides access to precise information on donor’s and beneficiaries’ journeys through your programs.

Impact Measurement

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud helps nonprofit organizations to capture data at every level of the organization. It extracts program and impact data of previous and current years so nonprofits can compare outcomes and understand the growth and shortcomings of their programs. It also generates detailed reports and provides insightful analysis that helps improve decision-making to improve the output quality of nonprofit activities.

Financial Management

Nonprofit Cloud can help nonprofits to manage their finances with its Accounting Subledger by preparing fundraising and donation campaign information for the accounting system. This saves your finance and fundraising teams significant time and budget on reconciliation tasks by simply connecting systems to ensure a single source of truth for payment and revenue data. It provides connected finance solutions and takes care of the inbound and outbound allocation.

Accelerate Impact management adoption with a Impact Partner

Adopting Impact Management creates a work culture of consistent impact delivery, at every level!  Impact Management is an ongoing, deliberate process; think of it as a routine habit rather than a yearly audit.  DemandBlue can help your organization constantly engage with Impact Management and eliminates the chances of being caught off guard by struggling programs and helps scale up those that are succeeding. In addition, DemandBlue can build perpetual feedback loops and strategies that prepare your organization for anything the market can throw at it.

DemandBlue is an Impact and Equality Partner with with immense experience in dealing with nonprofit and educational organizations. Our motto is to help nonprofit organizations make an impact. That’s why our experts are always thrilled to aid nonprofits and help them do what they are best at—inspiring impact!