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Nonprofits conduct programs and deliver services to help people in need. DemandBlue’s Program Management Module (PMM) implementation enables program managers to deliver consistent and proven services that best suit their participants’ needs. We provide customized PMM services to cater to your unique nonprofit needs and empower your team to deliver well-managed programs and services while reducing the need for paperwork and spreadsheets, which results in less strain and headaches for nonprofit professionals.

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Growth is something a business looks forward to, but the more clients there are, the harder it gets to ensure that each of them is getting the services and support they need. Fortunately, our Nonprofit Cloud Case Management services are tailor-made for your case managers. It enables you to track the services and support your client’s needs and the steps necessary for your clients to personalize their journey with you. In the background, DemandBlue ensures smooth and complete processing of data for programs and services. This allows you to track your client’s progress throughout the engagement and create customized actions and goals specific to each of them. In addition, client notes and assessments come in handy to track their progress.

Volunteers are your game-changers for Nonprofit Success!

Volunteers are the pillars of your nonprofit organization. Engaging them at every step of their journey is essential for a productive workflow. We set up the Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) app to help you engage volunteers to track their productivity and volunteer hours using an interactive web calendar. Our experts configure the system to send them reminder emails for their upcoming shifts and, most importantly, thank them for their efforts.

Provide Financial Assistance like a Pro

Nonprofits that offer scholarships, rent and utility assistance, classroom support, and more usually encounter challenges while managing and documenting funding requests. DemandBlue works with your team to understand when and whether or not an individual should receive their funding. We implement the Outbound Funds Module for your organization to meet a wide array of requirements and eligibility across multiple programs and services. Not only does it manage funding requests, but it also tracks each step of an applicant’s journey, from the time of their application to the generation of supporting documentation for reports. We help you access the fundseeker portal, an added benefit for building and maintaining strong bonds with the applicants.

Why DemandBlue for your Program Management?

DemandBlue has vast experience in streamlining program management for nonprofit organizations. We help enhance the day-to-day work operations like data entry and collate the objects you need to manage your services into a simple, open-source Salesforce app – with the help of ready-to-use reports and dashboards. Our On Demand services for Salesforce.org assist you in managing your finance and fund utilization for increased impact to ensure that beneficiaries get the required aid on time.

DemandBlue pairs your programs—no matter how complex and diverse—we enable effective volunteer engagement to help you drive your programs with the much-needed man force to manage all your programs and services easily.

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