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Get preconfigured, customized solutions that expedite and improve your nonprofit activities. Our salesforce accelerators optimize your nonprofit functionalities, automate complex processes, and help you deliver personalized interactions to your donors, strengthening your community and engagement.

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Exception Dashboard

Exception Dashboard solution comes packaged on top of NPSP data model to help organizations fast-track their donor journey coupled with better data hygiene. With this accelerator, you can get a snapshot view of your database that lets you easily identify various integration problems, duplicate records, and abandoned household accounts that need to be eliminated.

Our goal is to display a “wall of zeroes” that indicates clean data sets when the dashboard is viewed. Your team will have greater confidence in the underlying data assumptions.


  • High data quality
  • Improved decision making
  • Minimize compliance risks

123 Form Builder for Program Management

The 123 Form Builder solution is built on top of the Salesforce Program Management Module (PMM) to help nonprofits accelerate their Program registration process.

The solution offers digitized nomination and registration forms that can be easily re-branded and integrated with Salesforce to quickly capture and track the registration data. In addition, this also enables your team to work seamlessly with the out-of-the-box Salesforce PMM

To help the community, we also deploy the flow recipe created by the Open Source Commons team to your Nonprofit Cloud at no cost. We can also help you customize this recipe and tailor it to your unique needs.


  • Better data management with no siloes
  • Reduces the manual tasks
  • Easy to maintain, no-code solution
  • No third-party integrations

EOY Tax Letter

EOY Tax Letter is quick, lightweight solution that leverages Salesforce Labs app called “Nonprofit Year End Donation Receipt,” along with out-of-the-box Salesforce Email functionalities. It helps nonprofits easily streamline, generate, and send End of Year Tax letters via email to donors without repeated reconciliation in CRM.


  • Works seamlessly with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
  • Leverages out-of-the-box email functionality of Salesforce.
  • Easy to maintain, no-code solution
  • No third-party integrations
  • Standard Salesforce templates that can be easily re-branded

Fundseeker Portal

Fundseeker Portal is an MVP solution, tailor-made for nonprofit organizations that offer scholarship programs. The accelerator enables the program managers of the organizations to validate the incoming applications and quickly approve the disbursements.


  • Reduces manual tasks
  • Secure and easy to maintain
  • Improved re-branding
  • No third-party tools or integration required

Check-in Using SMS

This solution involves SMS integration, enabling nonprofits to allow their volunteers and appointment attendees arriving at the site or kiosk to check in at their convenience using SMS.

Overall the solution allows nonprofits to quickly assist their volunteers and appointment attendees with self-check-in, volunteering activities, appointment/program details, and feedback surveys, eliminating the risk of error-prone manual processes and data silos.


  • Efficient management
  • Significantly reduces the manual tasks
  • Easy to maintain no-code solution

Volunteer Sign-up Portal

Volunteer Sign-up Portal solution is built on top of Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) package. The accelerator helps volunteers sign up and track their volunteering hours through a portal.

Our team re-created the existing out-of-the-box Visualforce pages using Salesforce Experience Cloud to help nonprofits quickly capture volunteer data, perform duplicate checks, record volunteering hours, and offer a personalized experience for volunteers throughout their journey.

For example, using Lightning Flows, we can help community members determine which resources are eligible for and where to find them. This includes general groceries or monthly food boxes for seniors.


  • Easy to maintain no-code solution
  • Significantly reduces manual tasks
  • No more outdated Visualforce pages/sites
  • Enhanced re-branding
  • No third-party tools or integration required

Kiosk Check-in Process

This solution involves creating a Salesforce Experience cloud portal that can be rendered in a tablet/mobile device at the kiosk for nonprofits.

With this, nonprofits with a kiosk setup can easily record the volunteers’ and participant attendance, eliminating the risk of error-prone manual processes and data silos. In addition, this portal provides intuitive screens that allow volunteers and participants to choose the activity and check in using the click of a button.


  • Significantly reduces manual tasks.
  • Can be easily re-branded using client-specific logos/images
  • Complete Salesforce solution with no third-party tools/integration
  • Easy to maintain no-code solution

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