Exception Dashboards: From Idea to Execution

We’re a week away from Salesforce.org’s Nonprofit Summit 21! With all our bubbling excitement to see the 10,000+ registered attendees of our Ohana, we’re reflecting on how Trailblazer community events are excellent experiences for transformative learning opportunities. We have a story to share of how a virtual event, Nonprofit Dreamin 2021 to be exact, led our client on a journey to trust their data.

Forty Carrots Family Center is a nonprofit organization located in Sarasota, Florida dedicated to strengthening families through educational programs for parents, children, and professionals in the field. Team DemandBlue informed the Forty Carrots team of #NonprofitDreamin, a virtual Trailblazer community gathering held in January 2021. Diane O’Driscoll, Finance Director at Forty Carrots, attended Yamile’s session on Exception Dashboards and had an aha moment!

“We didn’t know where to start and seeing that dashboard made me realize it would help us not only identify what we need to clean up but why there’s a problem in the first place.”
Diane O’Driscoll, Finance Director at Forty Carrots

Exception Dashboards are handy views of surface issues with your data in Salesforce. This snapshot view helps to identify various integration problems, from the number of duplicate records to tribute donations with a tribute, to abandoned household accounts that need to be deleted. Anything that doesn’t meet your desired business practices and metrics, once created in an exception dashboard, will provide your team visibility to keeping your critical data clean and trustworthy.

“Exception Dashboards definitely gives you more trust in your data. Because nothing is worse than when you pull a report, you see it and look at that number and think ‘I have no idea where this number is coming from’. With Exception Dashboards, even with irregularities, the trust comes in when being able to look at, zoom in and identify those underlining causes.”
Caroline Starnes, Development Administrator at Forty Carrots

Watch our conversation with Diane O’Driscoll, Finance Director and Caroline Starnes, Development Administrator of Forty Carrots Family Center on our work to execute exception dashboards for their instance

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