Salesforce education cloud for higher education institutions and schools

Why Do Educational Institutions Need Education Cloud?

More than 1.5 billion students have switched to online education since the onset of the covid pandemic. This shift prompted many educational institutions to develop digital transformation plans to make learning seamless. As global spending on education is expected to double in the next five years, digital transformation is considered a principal factor shaping the educational sector.

How Can the Education Cloud Support the Education Industry?

Salesforce for Education enables educational institutions, including K-12 schools and universities, to get a 360-degree view of students. This solution breaks data silos and provides an integrated dashboard view with deeper actionable insights that enhance student experiences and builds long-term student-counselor relationships. Education Cloud supports your institutions across the life cycle of a student. It helps organizations to merge different functionalities, such as marketing and communications, recruitment and admissions, student engagement, and alumni programs.

Marketing and Communications Education Cloud has features that can supercharge your marketing campaigns. It helps deliver personalized student journeys, enhances one-to-one student experiences, and enables you to derive insights from marketing campaigns across key institutional KPIs.

Recruitment and Admissions Education Cloud helps streamline recruitment processes and enables educational institutions to communicateseamlessly with prospective students.

With different data points available in a unified source, the platform enables you to simplify your recruitment efforts, attractprospective students, increase the productivity of recruiters, boost institutional performance, and improve revenue.

This cloud solution enables institutions tostreamline student recruitment by updating prospects’ files and accepting application information on the go. In addition, you can respond to prospective students’ needs faster by providing team access to the required information through a single platform.

Student Engagement Education Cloud helps the institution reach outto students across multiple channels such as email, SMS, social media, and Chatbots. It does this by providing the staff with a one-stop digital solution where they can manage records, enrich document interactions, and track outcomes.It enablesthem to support students across academic and career needs, increasing student retention and growth.

Alumni Relationships

Salesforce for Education enables universities to build robust, long-lasting relationships with alumnaeacross multiple communication channels. Universities can craft a well-informed fundraising campaign using critical donor insights that enable outreach and eliminate friction in their online giving experience.

Parents’ Portal

Education Cloud is a flexible platform that offers room for experimenting with different features. It is easy to customize and meets the various needs of educational institutions. For example, the platform helps you create a robust parent portal or dashboard that facilitates direct and continuous communication between parents and faculty.

Multi-Department Collaboration

Different departments must unify, collaborate, and work towards common goals to efficiently manage an educational institute, ensuring smooth operation. The Education Cloud connects all departments, fostering a seamless student-teacher experience.


Salesforce Education Cloud is a technologically advanced and intuitive platform with several benefits for students, institutions, and alums. Built with powerful educational data and connected campus architecture, it is one of the best platforms to meet the unique requirements of educational institutions.

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