Three Steps to improve your Salesforce data quality and utilization

In a world where digitization paves the pathway to a data-driven future, nonprofits have started to embrace digital technologies to maximize their campaign impacts. A recent study indicates that 72% of nonprofit donors need access to crucial impact metrics such as the charity outcome, beneficiary numbers, costs, and many more. Gathering data is becoming important for nonprofits to maintain seamless operations and better constituent management.

Steps to Improve Data Quality and Utilization

Integration, Centralization, and Unification of Data

Data is stored across multiple solutions, such as ERP, fundraising platforms, and advocacy tools, often resulting in data silos. Eliminating data silos and unifying data will enable nonprofits to gain significant donor insights to manage their constituents and improve operational efficiency. Salesforce for Nonprofits can help integrate apps and data with pre-built APIs and templates in the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform or any other similar iPaaS platforms.

Implementing Data Governance

The data governance policy helps nonprofits manage key constituents’ data.

It ensures that the gathered data is:

  • Documented
  • Trustworthy
  • Well-managed
  • Audited for compliances
  • Secure

The policy outlines the best data management practices for a nonprofit throughout its lifecycle. In addition, Salesforce for Nonprofits has built-in features to organize and streamline the gathered data.

It also helps the nonprofit manage all its compliances, ensuring legal safety and security for the entire stakeholder chain. With Salesforce, nonprofits can determine the following:

  • Ensure that all the requisite compliances are met
  • Create policies for data distribution
  • Enhance data security

Analytics, Visualizations, and Insights

Generally, nonprofits derive value from their connected data only by analyzing and visualizing them. Salesforce for Nonprofits provides out-of-the-box reports and dashboards for seamless data analysis. For example, donor management is simplified through features that help with the following:

  • Track every donor’s activity history
  • Monitor attendance at events and programs
  • View contribution history
  • Check donor preferences concerning payment and types of volunteering initiatives

Achieve unified data governance with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers an immense advantage to organizations seeking unified data governance. It helps organizations gain a 360-degree view of their database. This level of control allows nonprofits to stay compliant with internal protocols and external regulations while managing the safety of confidential records.

Experts at DemandBlue will help you with seamless Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud implementation that aligns with your requirement. In addition, our team lets you streamline your unified data governance with an integrated system for best-in-class data protection.

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