DemandBlue develops a student community portal for the client to increase student engagement and provide faster and real time access to student services

About the Client

The client is a Toronto-based higher educational institution offering full-time and part-time degrees and diploma programs in Arts and Technology.

  • Team DemandBlue built a Salesforce Community portal to systematically record student queries related to subject topics or admissions.
  • Implemented the Chatbot functionality to help students interact with counselors in real time.
  • Integrated Salesforce Scheduler to enable students to easily set up calendar meetings with counselors.
  • Created knowledge base articles related to self-help.
  • Improved student monitoring to proactively meet their grievances.
  • Enhanced student-counselor communication through seamless interaction channels.
  • Resolved student queries faster.

Salesforce: Apex, API, Flows, Einstein Chatbot
Technologies: Service Cloud, Education Cloud