Reviewing Top 5 Spring ’21 features for Nonprofit Cloud users

2021 has started on a good note with the Spring '21 release. This release is full of great new tools that empower nonprofits by accelerating their day-to-day tasks with agility and building strong engagement with their constituents and stakeholders. The Nonprofit Cloud updates promise fluidity in workflow and seamless integration for maximum productivity, helping nonprofit organizations channel their goodwill into their deeds. At DemandBlue, we are excited to showcase some of the best Spring '21 updates for Nonprofit Cloud. So, let's dive in.

Here are the top 5 Spring '21 updates for Nonprofit Cloud.

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Elevate Recurring Gift management with NPSP

The Spring '21 release for NPSP also comes up with a new feature that allows you to access the Elevate Recurring Gift management from inside the Salesforce NPSP. You can now sign up for this feature and create new recurring donations from within the NPSP along with payment processing. This feature also provides the ability to edit existing recurring gifts, amounts, frequency, and card information from inside the NPSP for a seamless, integrated payment experience.

In this update, Salesforce is also adding the ACH payments in Gift entry. This will help you expand your payments in NPSP, save time, improve data consistency, and eliminate the need for multiple user logins by feeding the data into the Salesforce CRM and processing ACH payments within a single step

ACH payments in Gift Entry

Program Management Module (PMM)

Program Attendance Tracking

PMM now has the ability to capture the session attendance that eliminates the room for errors by defaulting and pre-filling most of the information. This feature also provides you with better reporting and insights on the programs and participants and speeds up the attendance tracking process for faster results. Along with the added Lightning Web Component (LWC) to Service Session Record, you can also customize the feature using the fieldset to add additional numeric and client related fields.

Case Management

Mobile Experience

The case management feature is now available for the Salesforce Mobile App users as well. Now you can manage your case data on the go with your smart phone. The Spring '21 release has made it easier for nonprofit users to work from anywhere.

Grants Management

Grants Management now has a new Application Form field that lets admins select the desired flow for using the funding program's application. This adds flexibility in managing the application flow and provides a tailored experience for applicants applying for different programs.

Distinct Applications for funding programs

That's all for the Spring '21 update for Nonprofit Cloud! Stayed tuned to get new insights on Spring '21 release in our blog series. To get more insights on Spring '21 Release for Nonprofit Cloud, check out this release post and subscribe to the Power of Us Hub – SFDO Major Release Announcements group