Reviewing 4 exciting Spring ’21 features for Education Cloud

Welcome back to our Spring '21 update blog series. Today, we will shed some light on how the Spring '21 release helps educational institutions provide a connected and interactive learning experience. The Education Cloud update lets students, recruiters, and advisors collaborate fluidly and adapt to changing academic needs and enhance the learner lifecycle with individual attention.

At DemandBlue, we are excited to take you on this exploration of Spring ’21 updates for Education Cloud. So, let's dive in.

Here are the 4 exciting Spring '21 features for
Education Cloud that will transform learning

Advisor Link

Group Appointments

With the Spring '21 release, advisors can now create availability for group appointments around common topics such as internships, study abroad, and resume writing. Students will then see the group appointment and topic in the Scheduling Wizard as long as a one slot is still available (aka hasn’t reached the Attendee Limit). Advisors can now enjoy more scheduling options and address more students within a single time frame that boosts general productivity and accelerates communication among the community. has enhanced the User Interface (UI) and logic for scheduling the virtual appointments in the Spring '21 release. Now the students can join the appointments with just one-click once the advisor enters their web meeting link as the location for the appointment. This ease of access provides a competitive advantage in the field of advising software and makes joining appointments an easier task for the students

Student Appointment

Admissions Connect

Admissions Connect Integration
with the Common App

For this Spring release, has enabled the Common App integration with Admission Connect to support transfer student files. The new update will help de-dupe the transfer file against the applicant's previously loaded file with the help of newly added logic, which also takes care of error handling. This way, admins can quickly resolve the incorrect application data. has also included an error logger, error mapper, and a batch emailer service to surface and record errors encountered while converting and importing applicant data.

Education Data Architecture (EDA)

For EDA orgs, routine checkups are essential for all. Rounding up this release, we introduce you to a trusty new tool for maintaining a healthy org. Setting Health Check is a vital EDA feature for EDU that identifies configuration inconsistencies and errors with settings related to Accounts, Affiliation Mapping, Reciprocal Settings, and Course Connections. With Spring ’21 you can run a Settings Health Check to see any passed and failed validations, along with recommendations for fixing any errors. Ready, set, check!

Settings Health Check

That wraps up our Spring '21 update blog for Education Cloud! To get more information on Spring '21 Release for Education Cloud, check out this release post and subscribe to the Power of Us Hub – SFDO Major Release Announcements group