Is Salesforce Easy for a Nonprofit to Set Up and Use?

Nonprofit organizations are noble establishments that put the welfare of society ahead of personal gains. This industry, however, faced a challenging time during the COVID-19 pandemic when the needs of the hour drastically impacted on their standard operating procedures. Urgent needs superseded their everyday work and operations, and there was a pressing need to adapt their relationship with donors and stakeholders. This turn of events has made nonprofit organizations seek better solutions for relationship management.

To address this challenge, nonprofit consulting partners, like DemandBlue, recommend adopting Salesforce. Salesforce has become an instrumental tool in an organization’s daily constituent-centric operations.

What is Salesforce for Nonprofits?

The wave of digitalization has affected the nonprofit industry as much as any other. This industry has realized the importance of digitizing and virtualizing its operations. Salesforce’s research has revealed that 87% of the nonprofit organizations surveyed said their investment in new technology has paid off. Post pandemic, 84% of nonprofit representatives admitted to facing difficulties managing volunteers and employees remotely.

Salesforce has a dedicated CRM platform for handling operations unique to nonprofit organizations. Activities such as managing inbound grants and programs and income streams can be integrated onto one robust platform using Salesforce for Nonprofits. The remote-friendly features of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud bring added utility to the solution.

Key Takeaway: It helps to have a CRM solution that understands your business inside and out. Salesforce for Nonprofits offers functionalities specifically tweaked to perform for nonprofit business workflows. It is a CRM that can bring high-utility tools to your process.

What Can Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultants Do for Nonprofits?

Nonprofit organizations have unique workflows and thus need specialized solutions and consultants to understand how the process goes and adapt to it. It is worth noting that Salesforce is the best CRM of 2021.

Nonprofit organizations can increase their performance and throughput in the following processes:

  • Fundraising functionality allows you to deliver a digital-first approach to the donors.
  • You can simplify and augment your grantmaking operations with dedicated features.
  • Manage your ongoing and planned programs with improved efficacy.
  • With its targeted marketing capabilities, the CRM enables you to foster long-term relationships with your patrons and new customers.

By implementing Salesforce as a CRM for your Nonprofit organization, you can drive drastic improvement to your bottom line:

  • Witness an increase of 130% in online donations.
  • Experience a reduction of 62% for client intake processing time.
  • On average, your organization can serve 400 victim calls every month.
  • The digital interface eliminates most workflow paperwork, allowing a speedy flow of information from one end to the other.

Salesforce  officially reported the metrics above specifically for its Nonprofit CRM module. As is evident from the facts and figures, Salesforce consultants for nonprofits have the potential to bring out the latent potential of an organization through tools designed as industry natives.

Key Takeaway: It pays to have a solution that is built with industry nuances in mind and with features that can deliver accordingly.

Features of Salesforce for Nonprofit and their Benefits

As a nonprofit organization, certain processes, workflows, and client approach methods are unique to the industry. Keeping that in mind, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud was developed with the following features:

  • Unified View
  • Fundraising
  • Customizing Communications
  • Improvement in Productivity

Benefits of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud: Unified View

Nonprofit organizations deal with many professionals, including clients, supporters, volunteers, funders, members, and affiliates. The information regarding these entities becomes confusing and cumbersome if not managed properly. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud provides a unified, comprehensive view of your interactions with the diverse stakeholders in your ecosystem, and it becomes simpler to manage them.

Key Benefit: Information is power. By keeping an organized digital ledger of your organization's interactions with its stakeholders, you get the benefit of managing and leveraging this information for actionable insights. Attract more donors, meet your goals, and make a more positive impact on society.

Benefits of Salesforce for Nonprofit: Fundraising

Making it easy for a great impact to your organization through your donors should be as seamless as possible. Elevate empowers your institution to incorporate various payment methods across all your digital channels.

For organizational growth, it becomes essential to focus more on your major donors by putting dedicated programs and staff in place to facilitate interactions with them. The software also allows you to make the grants process simpler from end to end.

Key Benefit: In a digital-first world, the leaders of social change must modernize their fundraising to keep up with the world. By offering your patrons their preferred methods of donating, your business opens up to more willing, ready donors.

Benefits of Salesforce for Nonprofit: Personalized Communications

An organization that works directly to uplift society must also consider keeping its supporters engaged throughout their journey with it.

To this end, Salesforce for Nonprofit provides multichannel customization capabilities through Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits.

Using the personalization tools of Salesforce, you can visualize, track, and analyze all your interactions with stakeholders and serve them the content they want to see.

Key Benefit: Personalization drives engagement; engagement drives conversions. As an organization that has the best interests of society at its core, it is essential to onboard and retain as many donors as possible. You can keep them engaged by serving hyper-personalized experiences.

Benefits of Salesforce for Nonprofit: Improved Productivity

Nonprofit organizations usually have multiple ongoing parallel programs. The task is workforce intensive; it is sub-optimal to deploy staff for processes that can be automated. The Salesforce Program Management Module and other management tools make it possible to automate and individually track each program.

Key Benefit: Automation saves time, resources, and human effort by redirecting them from mundane, mindless tasks to more productive, critical thinking. This helps streamline the organization’s workforce utilization.

How Can Salesforce Nonprofit Implementation Partners Help?

As a comprehensive, dedicated CRM platform for nonprofits, Salesforce can be overwhelming and difficult to assimilate. Instead of relying on self-learning or devoting more hours to understanding the system by yourself, a Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud consultant can help you get on board swiftly and more efficiently.

Consultants with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant certifications are vetted by Salesforce itself. You can be comfortable knowing that your organization will glean insights from the best resource in the market. Key benefits of working with implementation partners are:

  • Achieve seamless integration of your Salesforce module.
  • Expert guidance so that you use the platform to the best of its capability.
  • Configure the platform’s tools and modules according to your processes and workflows.
  • Analyze existing problems with workflows and collaborate with you to identify the right Salesforce tools to eliminate the obstructions.

Why Choose DemandBlue's Nonprofit Consulting Services?

DemandBlue is a certified Salesforce Consultant for Nonprofits. We help you derive value from each organizational process you execute:

  • We understand your business strategy, connect it with needs analysis, and identify innovative opportunities.
  • We implement procedures through analysis, roadmaps, and best practices.
  • You are empowered with progress tracking and metric measurement


As a nonprofit organization, it is essential to stay abreast with the world to be able to drive positive change. With the help of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud consultants, you can enable your organization to function in the most efficient way.