A Nonprofit Client builds a community portal on Experience Cloud to feed more people in need, when they need it

About the Client

Client is a nonprofit organization, bridges communities and resources throughout southwestern Pennsylvania to help neighbors overcome food insecurity and lead happy, healthy lives.

  • Built the portal on Experience Cloud to allow users to learn the food storage center nearest to them, and get it delivered if necessary
  • Created the site using community portal using LWC components to support map components and feasible dynamic UI experience.
  • Google API is used to identify the location coordinates.
  • User friendly – User base increased by 35% after introduction of the portal food locator.
  • Time saving – Calls asking for food locations came down by 93%, releasing volunteers to focus on other critical tasks. Similarly volunteers don’t have to spend anymore time is searching for nearest food storage centers
  • Rapid and better outcomes – All the food available gets distributed, minimizing wastage, and the food gets delivered quicker, in time.

Salesforce: NPSP

Technologies: LWC, Google API