A Non-profit client experienced improved user adoption, productivity and customer experience through lightning enhancements

About the Client

The client is a non-profit entity funded by the Province of British Columbia, Canada to bring a strategic and integrated approach to the growth and development of the province’s creative industries.

Use Case
  • DemandBlue team added new fields in the lightning component on the existing attachment sections
  • Metadata usage to manage the attachment labels and renamed the existing attachment and field labels
  • Showed documents in portal for both FIBC and PSTC application via existing Apex controller and lightning components and Help Notes to clients via Lightning Help text for the necessary fields in the existing lightning component
  • Tax credit application was enhancement functionally and rendered more user friendly. This improved user adoption and productivity
  • Client’s customers who used this application had a pleasant and comfortable experience as it provides navigation on the fields via help text
  • Providing more attachment sections and capturing required attachment helped the tax credit application portal to capture vital information from the clients
  • Improved customer experience

Salesforce: NPSP

Technologies: Apex, Aura