A Nonprofit Client reaches out to the victims faster by empowering its support agents with remote and mobile access to key data

About the Client

Client is a nonprofit organization standing up for the noble cause of spreading awareness against drunk and drugged driving. They organize campaigns across the USA and Canada to stop people from risking theirs and putting other lives at risk while driving under the influence.

Use Case

Re-implemented Apsona app and integrated it with Salesforce. Enabled client’s response team to instantly access information lying in Apsona directly from Salesforce. Improved user adoption and user experience.

  • With users directly accessing data from Salesforce, response time increased by 42%
  • With data access happening through Salesforce, client saved 35% cost previously incurred on Apsona license
  • Improved efficiency of client’s staff ensured there was better engagement with the partners and users leading to faster and more efficient victim support

Salesforce: Sales Cloud

Technologies: Apex, API, Flows