A Non-profit client experienced improved volunteer management and reporting through better technology and feature adoption

About the Client

The client is a non-profit organization that strives to ensure equal justice for all immigrant men, women, and children at risk of detention and deportation through direct legal representation

Use Case
  • A gap analysis report for process improvement
  • Leveraging Volunteers for Salesforce
  • Implementing Google API vision in Salesforce
  • Enabling Salesforce Sync
  • Custom reports and dashboards

Better Automation: Help business with focus more on new activities.
Third-eye perspective from SME: With this exercise, the client was able to realize the gaps in the system and what should be the future roadmap.
Budget Prioritizations: Through this engagement, the client was able to understand how the future roadmap can address various processes and what cost it will take to address it.

Salesforce: NPSP

Technologies: Google API