Empowering Nonprofits to Make a Difference: Salesforce’s Latest Cloud Offering

Nonprofits—We have some exciting news for you!

Salesforce recently announced its new vision for its Nonprofit Cloud suite of technology solutions. In the past, they added nonprofit applications on top of their platform, but now they are building directly into the core of Salesforce, which means nonprofits will have access to innovation across all Salesforce industries.

The new and improved Nonprofit Cloud will provide nonprofits with a single solution to tackle their organization’s goals. Although Salesforce will continue to support its existing offerings, such as the Nonprofit Success Pack, it will also offer the reimagined Nonprofit Cloud that combines program management, case management, outcomes, marketing engagement, and fundraising—all under a unified platform.

The new-generation Nonprofit Cloud offers an innovative approach to both program and case management; fundraising and outcomes will be added later this year. We anticipate this exciting development will have immediate, real-world improvements for nonprofits.

Drive greater impact by tapping into the full power of the next-gen Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit organizations are critical in driving social impact and creating positive change worldwide. However, too often, their staff spends countless hours sifting through disparate data sources instead of focusing on their core mission of fundraising.

To truly maximize their impact, nonprofits must leverage the power of data to inform their decision-making processes. By making data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently, organizations can gain insights into what works and needs improvement, enabling them to allocate resources more effectively and achieve their goals faster.

Salesforce’s innovative solution enables nonprofits to achieve greater impact by bringing together stakeholder experiences across the organization and its partners in a single, cohesive platform. It allows nonprofits more unified programs, fundraising, engagement, and faster access to technology solutions from various industries and use cases. Easily discover and leverage the portfolio of best-in-class solutions.

With this innovation, nonprofits can now measure outcomes in a more standardized way instead of investing their core time on heavy customizations.

Get this new Nonprofit Cloud free through the Power of Us program!

Salesforce commits to giving back 1% of equity, product, and employee time to communities. Their Power of Us program grants qualified nonprofit and educational organizations ten free technology licenses. And the new Nonprofit Cloud updates will also be included in the program from now on. The company will also continue to support existing program users and their paid nonprofit offerings and data models.

Connect with our experts to learn how Nonprofit Cloud’s new improvements can benefit your mission-critical works. Start building the future today with Salesforce!