6 Exciting Sessions of Nonprofit Summit

Salesforce.org is bringing the biggest nonprofit event of the year for the international nonprofit community on April 21st, 2021. The Salesforce.org Nonprofit Summit features over 45 insightful breakout sessions, trendsetting leaders, and spectacular speakers, including Dr. Jane Goodall, Amal Clooney, and Leslie Odom Jr.

All the sessions in this event are arranged in 4 different tracks to help you connect with the nonprofit community and engage with industry experts.

Team DemandBlue is excited to share some of the sessions we’re looking forward to watching virtually for #NonprofitSummit21

A Technologist’s Approach to Fundraising Agility

Track: Increasing Fundraising Agility

Session Speakers:
Sri Mishra, Chief Data and Technology Officer, JDRF |

Rosa Maria Cortada, CIO, OXFAM INTERMON |

While things return to the new normal, nonprofits will need to continue to adapt how they fundraise and engage with donors, funders, and supporters. I look forward to hearing how JDRF and OXFAM Intermón have adapted and used NPSP with Marketing Cloud to create a unified and personalized donor experience.

Have to say so that we can best support and advise the nonprofits we work with on how adapt to these changes and be better positioned to fundraise now and in 2025.

Helping Families Get Affordable Childcare: Case + Program Management on Salesforce

Track: Improving the Constituent Experience

Session Speakers:
Owen Cameron, Director of Professional Services, Cloud for Good |

Jeffrey Gawel, Chief Information Officer, Illinois Action for Children |

Chris Tokarski, Childcare Assistance Program Director, Illinois Action for Children |

At my core, I’m more of a program person than a fundraiser. That’s why the launch of the program management module and case management solution are so exciting to me for what they can bring to the nonprofits we support. If you’re looking to expand Salesforce beyond NPSP and fundraising to support your programs, the examples and use cases Illinois Action for Children shares will definitely leave you wanting to bring these two solutions into your Salesforce org.

Leveraging Salesforce Communities for Chapter Building

Track: Managing and Scaling Your Platform

Session Speakers:
William Bisbee, Director of Integrated Information Systems, Catholic Relief Services |

Carolyn Blair, Director, Strategy & Operations, CRS |

From grant reviews to data capturing to searching for food resources in your community, there is so much that nonprofits can do with Experience Cloud. I’ve been a big fan and advocate of Experience Cloud and what it can do to help nonprofits with every aspect of their mission and look forward to learning how Catholic Relief Services leveraged it to help them work with their local chapters.

Supercharge your Marketing: 5 Ways to Find New Supporters & Retain them for Life

Track: Improving the Constituent Experience

Session Speakers:
Billy Draper, Principal Solutions Engineer, Salesforce.org |

As more and more digital native individuals become donors, volunteers, and board members, nonprofits need to make sure that the tools and approaches we use to engage with them are evolving as well. Often times the biggest challenge to making the transition from “how we’ve always done it” to digital-first is knowing where to begin. We recently worked with International Fellowship of Christians and Jews to expand their use of Marketing Cloud to improve their engagement and journeys for sustainers and can’t wait to learn what other tips and approaches we can share with them and other nonprofits clients.

Data Quality – Don’t let it become the Achilles Heel of your database

Track: Optimizing Data and Reporting

Roundtable Facilitators:
Esteban Carlos, Customer Success Manager, Salesforce.org |

Marissa Herencia-White, Solution Engineer, Salesforce.org |

To paraphrase poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “data, data, everywhere, nor any data to make decisions.” So many nonprofits struggle with managing and maintaining their data that it becomes harder and more time consuming to be able to take actions and creates a sense of distrust among staff that they revert back to developing their own siloed tools for keeping their data which doesn’t help anyone. From data governance policies to exception dashboards to keep your data in check and actionable I looking forward to learning more about the tools and strategies nonprofits use to preserve their data quality.

Amplify-ing Underrepresented Voices in Tech

Track: Managing and Scaling Your Platform

Session Speakers:
Marisa Lopez, Account Executive, Exponent Partners |

Jessica Murphy, Founder, East First Consulting |

Rachel Park, Salesforce Consultant, Slalom |

Equality is something that we at DemandBlue take seriously and are committed to doing our part as Salesforce.org Equality Partners to contribute to and advance this important issue. That said we never miss an opportunity to learn from the leaders in this movement, especially these three amazing individuals. We always walk away with actions that we can take forward on the march towards #EqualityforAll.

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