Highlights from our Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits Webinar

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits is a well-equipped marketing platform for nonprofits to engage with their supporters and personalize every interaction. It lets nonprofits connect with their donors and volunteers at every step of the marketing journey and nurture them with engaging content. With the ability to leverage Nonprofit Cloud data, Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits allows marketers to devise marketing strategies and create personalized content.

In addition to nurturing donors, Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits also comes handy in running, measuring, and managing marketing campaigns. It provides detailed performance reports and helps marketers analyze them. All these features make Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits a one-stop solution for all marketing needs.

Four quick benefits of Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits:

Guided Setup

The guided setup feature of Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits provides a walkthrough on creating users, connecting Marketing Cloud, and providing permissions to the users. It also helps in step by step synchronizing the nonprofit data from NPSP with Marketing Cloud.

Data-driven personalization

Integrating Marketing Cloud with Nonprofit Cloud lets you leverage your data and personalize marketing content for enhanced engagement. It helps in segmenting the audience and supporters and kickstarts personalized journeys that result in long-lasting relations.

Nonprofit Email Templates

Marketing Cloud for nonprofits provides 11 pre-given email templates that are designed to increase and engagement for nonprofits.

  • Welcome Newsletter Subscription
  • Recurring Newsletter
  • Thank You & Donation Impact
  • Personal Appeal from ED
  • High Touch Thank You
  • Thank You & Automatic Payment Ask
  • Reminder + Impact of Donation
  • Intro to Org. + What We Offer
  • Recurring Donor Thank You + Subscribe to Newsletter
  • Thank You + Impact + Call to Action
  • Reminder to Complete CTA 
Journey Builder templates

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits also provides 4 Journey templates.

  • Single Send Thank You 
  • General Donor Population Newsletter
  • Recurring Donor Campaign Journey
  • New Donor Welcome Series
It also provides:
  • 100,000 API Calls for integration 
  • 10,000 automation of work processes
  • Storage space for 10,000 Contacts
  • The ability to send 750,000 Super Messages
  • Access for up to 5 users

Let's look at some Marketing Cloud use cases with Dream Big.


Dream Big is DemandBlue.org's nonprofit simulation. It is a completely fictional nonprofit organization that provides educational support to nonprofits children, trains teachers, and guides parents. Dream Big aims to enhance the academic experience of students and supports them throughout their growing years.

Use Case #1: Donor Appeal

Peter and Dane are two of the supporters of Dream Big. Peter is a recurring monthly donor that financially helps Dream Big in its endeavors, whereas Dane has not yet made any donations to Dream Big. The goal of this marketing journey is to encourage Peter to increase his donation amount and for Dane to make his first donation Dream Big.

With Marketing Cloud, Dream Big is able to address Peter by name and refer to his last donation in email

Marketing Cloud can be used to personalize the emails for Peter by using his name and referencing the past donations he made to showcase the impact he made on the children and their education. In the end, the CTA leads to the Elevate page, where Peter can make his donations. The donation amount option is equal and higher than his previous donations to encourage Peter to gift higher donation amounts.

Peter’s donation buttons are higher as he is a recurring donor, while Dane’s is lower as he is a first-time donor.

Similarly, for Dane, the Elevate page can be customized. The amount displayed on the page is lower for Dane than Peter, as it's his first donation. So for a smooth donor journey, the donation amounts can be slowly raised for a smooth and effective conversion.

Use Case #2: Donor Appeal

Journeys allow Dream Big to create follow-ups based on the actions taken by the recipient.

As Dane makes his first donation, the Marketing Cloud for Nonprofit automatically adds a new donor to the donor journey. It starts personalizing his journey with follow-up actions that are based on the choices he made at the preference center.

Preference Center allows Dane to update his email address and select the topics he wants to hear from Dream Big.

With the help of preference center, Dream Big can capture Dane's contact information like email and his field of interest. This process can be executed in two stages. First, by sending Dane a personalized email on becoming a donor and supporting Dream Big's cause, and secondly, attaching a link to the preference center where Dane can select his interests.

As Dane was interested in the Teacher Training and Workshop, he started receiving emails about Dream Big’s upcoming teaching workshops.

Based on Dane's actions and choices, Dream Big can now personalize communication with Dane and offer Dane content, volunteering roles, and workshops he is interested in. This encourages maximum participation and enables Dream Big to keep Dane engaged as a supporter.

Use Case #3: Donor Appeal

Dream Big aims to utilize the Program Management Module by connecting their Salesforce instance with Marketing Cloud to stay in touch with previous program participants, keeping them up to date with the upcoming programs, and enrolling them as service participants. Wanda attended the Dream Big Innovation Bootcamp Series for teachers this summer and really learned a lot to help her prepare for the new school year.

Dream Big was able to address Wanda by name and refer to the last program she attended.

Now, Dream Big wants to update Wanda on the upcoming courses, so Dream Big sends Wanda a personalized email with her name and a reference to the previous program she completed with Dream Big with a link to the registration form for service participants.

Dream Big was able to pre-fill the form with Wanda’s name and email address and was successfully able to register her as a Service Participant for the upcoming training in the Program Management Module.

The registration form sent will be partially pre-filled as most of the details about Wanda are already available in Dream Big's Salesforce Cloud. This saves time, and effort, also it maximizes the chances of Wanda getting registered as a service participant.

Marketing Cloud is certainly a powerful marketing platform that helps nonprofits deliver a connected experience to their donors, volunteers, and supporters. It is an excellent tool for addressing a large audience through multiple channels like SMS, Emails, and Social media. It gives your marketer omniscience overall to your marketing activities and keeps the campaigns at their fingertips.

Personal Tone
Resulted in a 145.5% lift in donations from email funding campaigns.

Resulted in a 41.5% increase in online revenue from the donors.

Pre-filled forms
Can boost conversion by ~ 40% by making it easier to engage.

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