On Demand Conversations: Accelerate with Impact Management

We conducted an exclusive webinar for our Nonprofit and Education Customers recently on the use and importance of Impact Management for organizations just like you.

Our speaker, Andrew Means, Salesforce.org’s Senior Director of Global Impact Data Strategy, introduces Impact Management and how NGOs and EDUs organizations can utilize these core methodologies to drive impact!

Andrew starts our webinar by sharing his definition of ‘Impact’ as a “Change in the world because an organization exists”. Driving this positive change through data technology is where Impact and Impact Management align in creating a process for organizations to track, estimate and manage their programs for impactful constituent experience. This knowing of how to actively deliver optimal programs helps organizations actively manage and improve the impact they seek.

What is Impact Management? A set of practices and capabilities that support adapting programs we are offering today to improve tomorrow’s impact by learning from what we’ve done in the past. ”

Driving Impact Management starts by identifying your organizations capabilities in:

  • Continuous Evidence Building
  • Integrated Financial Management
  • Participant Centered Program Management

Knowing these foundational pieces dictate the drive your organization is going to have – with Impact Management we take these foundations and map a trajectory for greater results & impact!

Watch our webinar to continue learning how Salesforce.org and DemandBlue can help continuously improve your program practices and capabilities to drive impact with Impact Management.