Salesforce Duplicate Management | The key to cut down the roots of duplicity

Duplicity is the bane of any database.  On average, 40- 50% of a company’s data has duplicate copies spread all
across the organization. These copies on a collective scale cause severe loss of productivity and is a threat
to the organization’s budget. Without a professional approach, managing duplicates in a database is a never-ending
firefight that burns your productivity. Here comes the savior! Salesforce Duplicate Management is a useful tool, which
helps in detecting and eliminating duplicate data.

Introducing Salesforce Duplicate Management:

Salesforce Duplicate Management tool is one of its kind and is available for Lightning Experience and Salesforce
Classic. It helps your Sales team engage with the customers professionally and smoothly without committing any
communication hodgepodge caused by duplication of leads, accounts, opportunities, etc. The Matching and duplicate rule
of Salesforce Duplicate Management helps in detecting and handling
the duplicates
and gives you the freedom to customize the conditions.

When searching, the user can specify a field to start the search, and then the Salesforce Duplicate Management tool
compares the object with pre-existing files to identify the copy. Once the match is found, the user can either block or
allow the data to be stored by permitting them or making changes so that the new object can be stored without any
duplicity. Salesforce Duplicate Management also makes it possible for your Sales team to merge duplicate leads and
accounts with the original copy to reduce space consumption.

Benefits of Deduplication with Salesforce Duplicate Management Tool:

  • It is capable of detecting a duplicate item right at the moment of manual data entry. This prevents the object
    from further propagating into the database of the organization and eliminates a prominent source of duplication.
  • Salesforce Duplicate Management tool gives you the authority to permit or block your team from creating
    duplicate copies.
  • Its ability to compare specific fields and objects by customizing the Match and Duplicate rule gives it the
    flexibility to adapt to different types of data.
  • It makes sure that no two different users are working or processing the duplicates of the original data, and
    prevents wasted effort.
  • Salesforce Duplicate Management tool eliminates the need for manual search and increases productivity and data

Erase all your duplication problems:

Salesforce Duplicate Management is a great time and budget saver tool, which helps in resolving the impact of duplicity
on your data. The best part is that Salesforce Duplicate Management not only removes duplicates but prevents you from
creating them in the future.

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