How Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits helps run better campaigns

Nonprofits deliver unique narratives about beneficiaries, donors, and projects around social challenges and initiatives that drive community impact. In these organizations, marketing functions play a critical role in creating visibility to their unique causes and missions. However, a common challenge that many nonprofits face is that it becomes difficult to manually scale marketing efforts across multiple channels. At a certain point, the efficiency and accuracy of campaign efforts is greatly reduced.

This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits plays a transformative role. From building vibrant campaigns to automating donor marketing journeys, it helps your team save time and allows them to focus on creating personalized fundraising messages that attract donor and volunteer stewardship.

This blog overviews the benefits of using Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits.

What Is Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits?

Today, all stakeholders of a nonprofit ecosystem—from donors and volunteers to employees and board members—focus on engaging in meaningful ways. Professionals can access appropriate marketing tools to roll out effective campaigns, leveraging the benefits of data-driven insights, automation, and cloud computing.

Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits is a tech-enabled solution that marketers can leverage to deliver personalized, measurable, and highly scalable engagement to their constituents. Here’s a look at the features and benefits.

Boost the effectiveness of your email campaigns

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools businesses and nonprofits use to engage and influence their audiences. However, it can be challenging to craft attractive and empathetic emails that inspire audiences to donate funds or volunteer their time. And people often run out of ideas at some point.

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits addresses this challenge by offering strategic, pre-built email templates that are eye-catching, time-tested, and easy to fill in. This approach helps your team to improve the overall turnaround time. In addition, it enables your team to easily track the success rate of email campaigns via various metrics, such as open rates, click-through rates, and strategies revised based on real-time data.

Target Omnichannel marketing campaigns

Understanding your donor’s active platform and curating appropriate marketing campaigns will drive improved traffic and engagement. This approach is known as omnichannel marketing, which helps nonprofits increase campaigns’ reach, engagement, and outcomes with less effort. Nonprofits using Marketing Cloud Engagement can facilitate the planning, creation, and execution of omnichannel marketing.

The key is to identify the right mix of channels and leverage tools to standardize the messaging and look of campaigns across channels while customizing it to harness the unique benefits of each relevant channel.

Gain access to data-driven insights

Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits helps build data intelligence and reduce data leakage and duplication. It can centralize data from all network websites, marketing, advertising, customer relationship management tools, social media, and other channels in a unified platform. Professionals can work with dashboards that help them seek out any type of specific data that fuels marketing campaigns.

For instance, campaigners can understand in seconds what is the average ticket size of individual donors, what was the largest donation ticket size in a particular week or month, which were the most effective campaigns, which channels are driving higher engagement, and what are the best times in a day to send out marketing communication.

This wealth of valuable data insights is the secret weapon for marketers to fine-tune and design effective marketing campaigns. Marketers can easily share with all team members and external stakeholders. They can also automate and share specific reports at regular intervals.

Optimize your ad spends

Marketers may decide to drive a portion of their engagement via paid media. For instance, they can amplify a crowdfunding campaign to a broader audience across social media channels to help meet targets in a specific time frame.

Not understanding the impact of digital spending can lead to acquisition costs and lower effectiveness of campaigns. Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits enables campaigners to access comprehensive data to understand which channels work well for paid campaigns. Accordingly, they can increase budgets for specific channels while reducing the balance on non-performing channels.

Build uniquely personalized content

One of the most potent ways to market any campaign is to capitalize on in-moment engagement via access to real-time data. This is the process of driving engagement at a specific time when stakeholders are active across various channels and customizing communications based on their behavior, interest, and personal data. It also comprises personalization of the communication based on the stakeholder’s data.

For example, images in an email can be personalized based on the geography of the specific stakeholder to build a sense of familiarity and personal connection. Emails can also be addressed by an individual’s first name giving it a personalized touch. In addition, Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits lets you personalize and automate across multiple channels, thus saving marketers time and manual effort.

How to get started

Embracing data-driven marketing campaigns is the future of scalable, measurable, highly profitable campaigns. Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits enables marketers to focus on their core objectives of building superior communication that drives results. However, every nonprofit has unique needs, donor profiles, and targets.

By partnering with DemandBlue, we help you build a custom-designed Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution that lets you harness the full potential of data, automation, and cloud access to meet your nonprofit targets quickly. We ensure your marketers focus more on improving programs and delivering timely support to beneficiaries.

Our experts offer targeted training programs to help your team upgrade skills and access 24/7 support in real time as they face challenges.

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