5 Sessions We’re Excited about at Nonprofit Dreamin’

January 28 & 29th will see the inaugural Nonprofit Dreamin’ virtual community conference attracting an audience of 950+ from around the world and close to 20 community leaders to share their knowledge and tips for how Salesforce and Nonprofit Cloud can lead to greater impact in their community.

To get ready for this global gathering of nonprofit trailblazers, I wanted to share some of the sessions I’m most excited about and why.

Session: AI Applications for Nonprofits

Speakers: Lisa Rau

Date & Time: Jan 29, 2021 12:00pm CST | 6:00 pm GMT | 11:30 pm IST

A few years ago, I attended our local San Antonio Trailblazer Community group meeting and was introduced to Einstein Prediction Builder by Rakia Finley and was overwhelmed by the possibility it held for nonprofits. I’m excited to see Lisa championing these tools for our sector and can’t wait to hear how nonprofits can utilize these tools to create deeper impact and work smarter. I’m also glad that Lisa will be addressing the importance of bias in AI and how to look out for it as we bring these tools into our organizations.

Session: Demystifying Agile for Nonprofits

Speakers: Ines Garcia |

Date & Time: Jan 28, 2021 9:30 am CST | 3:30 pm GMT | 9:00 pm IST

Agile is something that I’ve heard throughout my Salesforce career from a product perspective and is definitely the approach we use here at DemandBlue. But agile isn’t just for tech products, it can be help nonprofits implement programs, execute donor engagement, and definitely help organizations pivot as factors change (and we’ve all experienced a lot of that this past year). Even if you aren’t looking to bring agile into your organization, if you plan to work with a consulting partner in the coming year, you’ll want to attend this so that you can get the most benefit from that engagement.

Session: Exception Dashboards – the key to data your users can trust

Speakers: Yamile Pacheco Cueva

Date & Time: Jan 29, 2021 10:00 am CST | 4:00 pm GMT | 9:30 pm IST

Data is often the biggest obstacle to user adoption and building trust among your users. Even with validation rules, required fields, etc., monitoring is still the best tool for any admin to make sure that all the hard work you did to ensure good data doesn’t unravel. If monitoring isn’t part of your data governance and hygiene, you won’t want to miss Yamile’s session.

Session: Make Screen Flows More User-Friendly with UnofficialSF Resources

Speakers: Allen Moy

Date & Time: Jan 28, 2021 11:30 am CST | 5:30 pm GMT | 11:00 pm IST

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a flownatic and Lightning Flow is the best tool for admins to improve data entry and user adoption with screen flows. While screen flows has my Salesforce < 3, there are things I wish that screen flows can do to reduce clicks and screens and improve the overall end-user experience. I can’t wait to see what Allen and Unofficial Salesforce can add to my favorite thing about the Salesforce platform.

Session: Salesforce Labs All-Stars: 5 Free Tools Your Nonprofit Can Use Today

Speakers: Lara Kimberly |

Speakers: Skye Tyler |

Date & Time: Jan 28, 2021 9:30 am CST | 3:30 pm GMT | 9:00 pm IST

CMTD Enhanced Related List are a blessing to all users. I know one of my biggest struggles in volunteer management was sorting the shifts related list, it was next to impossible to get the related list to show the next shift coming up at the top. With a tool like this you can filter out the past shifts and sort ascending only the ones that are left and quickly access the next upcoming volunteer shifts quickly and easily. And that’s just one use case for this powerful tool.

Can’t wait to see what else CMTD and the other 4 Salesforce Lab tools can offer nonprofits!

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Arturo Ordoqui heads DemandBlue’s nonprofit practice. He is a past Salesforce MVP with a heart of gold that beats for the community. He is a strategic and operational growth leader with experience in driving community engagement in the nonprofit sector. He prefers to keep his mind and body in the best of shape. So, when he is not running races around the Riverwalk or fun destination run, he loves to solve Jigsaw puzzles.