DemandBlue Embarks on a New Mission

DemandBlue is a Salesforce consulting partner and services provider that helps customers harness the power and potential of technology. As a dedicated Salesforce partner since 2012, we’ve helped clients seize their biggest opportunities, unlock value in unexpected areas, and improve operational effectiveness.

Fall Forward
From introducing an On Demand Services model that aims to free companies from expensive contracts and allows for continuous engagement by adding capabilities that support our clients through every phase of their growth journey, DemandBlue has challenged and overcome inefficient status quos for close to a decade.

Our Next Mission
We are in pursuit of an idea, a dream, a pledge, and as we’ve done countless times before, we are falling forward to see what lies ahead. Some of our longstanding clients are nonprofits. It always gives us a sense of accomplishment to see our work advancing the causes we believe in. And what began as a kernel of a thought is now a full-fledged service line.

Innovate with Purpose
DemandBlue is launching its nonprofit practice. A dedicated team with vast experience in the nonprofit space will help changemakers create an even greater impact.

“With over 150 customers, one of the biggest challenges of a consulting company like DemandBlue is to rally the employees around a common purpose that is larger than itself. We have always strived to embrace our customers’ purpose as ours and found meaning in our work.

We applied the same principle and found our work to be more impactful in the nonprofit space and meaningful for us. It quenched our organization’s thirst for a higher calling. It gave us a sense of pride and achievement, thus pushing us to carve out a special team of experts to focus on nonprofit organizations. Now, Salesforce helps over 40,000 nonprofit customers to tackle the world’s biggest problems. With our unique On Demand Services model combined with the power of the Salesforce platform, we can help nonprofit organizations to be more effective and efficient.”

Kiran Babu Chandra, Chief Executive Officer, Global.

We have seen how nonprofits benefit and empower their missions by leveraging technology and transforming organizations. Our services let us offer this opportunity for digital change across all industries, helping all our clients succeed. DemandBlue’s commitment to nonprofit and educational organizations streamlines our commitment to create positive social change. Innovating with purpose will be the through line that’s going to guide us on this journey – and we are excited to be part of driving this change.

“Today, Nonprofits cannot just focus on their core mission; they also need to provide their stakeholders (donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, employees etc.) the same experience they get from a for profit company. They need to have a 360-degree of their stakeholder, engage with them effectively and efficiently, provide them with timely reporting on how their dollars are put to use, and more importantly, manage their program/cause in the most efficient manner. These require technology investments and skilled resources. At DemandBlue, we felt our unique On Demand Services engagement model is well-positioned to address the Nonprofit’s shifting business needs quickly, reliably, and at a reasonable price point. Nonprofit’s ecosystem and their requirements are quite different from a for profit company, and by having a dedicated team with the nonprofit expertise, we will be able to serve the nonprofit customers better…”

Selva Pandian, VP, Cloud Practice

Resolute commitment from day one

  • DemandBlue is a champion sponsor of Nonprofit Dreamin’
  • DemandBlue has Pledged 1% – Read more of our commitment here
  • We are committing to be active participants in the Open Source Commons and collaborate with others to contribute solutions to the community
  • As we grow our practice, we commit to build a team that comes from and understand the nonprofit and education sectors.
  • Arturo Ordoqui, a 10-year member of the Salesforce and Nonprofit Trailblazer community, is leading our effort in this space.