Highlights from Our Text-to-Impact Webinar

Mogli SMS is a Salesforce-native messaging service designed specifically for nonprofits, allowing them to send SMS messages to their audience right from the Salesforce platform.

Statistics show that a typical SMS has open and response rates of 97% and 45%, respectively, which is significantly higher than email. Nonprofits can drastically improve their audience outreach and participation by using SMS for action-based communications.

In fact, people read the messages they receive within the first 5 seconds. Mogli SMS leverages this data and converts it into a 209% response rate boost for nonprofits.

“Do more of what matters.”Mogli

Augmented with Salesforce for Nonprofits, Mogli SMS can be used for extended functionality like feedback, surveys, and event registrations.

Four Quick Benefits of SMS with DemandBlue for Nonprofits
Messaging Power

SMS tools like Mogli equips nonprofits with flexible and scalable messaging power.

One-to-one messaging

DemandBlue helps you engage your audience and constituents in one-to-one conversations over SMS, enhancing your relationship with them.

As shown in the Text-to-Impact webinar, DemandBlue set up SMS pre-scheduling using Mogli to facilitate sustained communication. All your conversations with your audience can thus be accessed easily through the Salesforce interface.

Bulk messaging

Using SMS, DemandBlue equips you with a bulk messaging feature to ease the process of sending reminders, event schedules, customer support, and promotional messages.

In the Text-to-Impact webinar, DemandBlue used this feature from Mogli to inform volunteers like Dane Whitman about other active volunteers like Helen Cho.

Better Responses

DemandBlue helps your nonprofit leverage SMS to create surveys and feedback forms to share via SMS and boost prompt responses from your audience.

You can create linear or branching survey questionnaires and automate bulk messaging through the process builder or flow automation to save time and scale your communications. The webinar demonstrated this beautifully by initiating an SMS-based survey using Mogli’s survey solution with the volunteer Shakti Haddad.

With Salesforce for Nonprofits integration, you can nurture relationships by automating recordkeeping and updates by pulling audience responses from messages.

Automatically gather new contact data from messages and auto-populate new contact information on Salesforce records. You can also design satisfaction surveys on SMS.

Media-Rich Messaging

Mogli enables nonprofits to attach rich media, like images and stickers, to messages. The MMS capabilities allow nonprofits to hold two-way exchanges of media-rich messages using GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs, MP3s, and MP4s.

DemandBlue demonstrates the power of media-rich messaging by successfully completing an SMS-based donation with volunteer Helen Cho by sending her a generous thank you MMS enriched with graphics.

Let’s Look at Some Use Cases with Mogli and Dream Big

DemandBlue has its own nonprofit simulation, Dream Big, to demonstrate the capabilities of Mogli SMS. It is a fictional nonprofit organization for helping build careers. To better illustrate the capabilities of Mogli, DemandBlue explores the following solutions alongside Mogli SMS:

  • Nonprofit Marketing Cloud Engagement
  • Salesforce Elevate
  • Volunteers for Salesforce with Experience Cloud
Use Case #1: Volunteers and Onboarding

Steve Rogers, the Volunteer Manager at Dream Big, is attending a career fair on behalf of the organization. There, he meets Dane Whitman, who is excited about volunteering for the nonprofit. Steve provides Dane with a registration form to fill out to complete the process.

In conjunction with Salesforce’s tools, Steve can now request his marketing team to send out onboarding emails to the prospects, delivering direct URLs to them for seamless sign-ups.

The Salesforce system automatically updates Dane’s status on the system once he completes his registration.

Now, Steve leverages the Mogli SMS platform for Salesforce to schedule SMSs for Dane to thank him for joining the cause.

Use Case #2: Registrations, Events, Engagement, and Impromptu Volunteering

Having successfully onboarded Dane, Steve can now leverage Mogli SMS to send him the details about his orientation

Mogli provides a two-way messaging capability to Dream Big, allowing Dane to check himself into the event by replying to the same SMS thread.

At the event, Dane brings a friend, Shakti, who is equally excited to volunteer but hasn’t registered with Dream Big yet. Mogli SMS allows her to send a text message on Dream Big’s phone number and helps her get on board with the cause by providing information on the next steps in the same SMS thread.

This way, Mogli SMS allows Dream Big to retain and engage Shakti as a volunteer, even though she couldn’t register earlier.

At the same event, Helen (a long-time volunteer) realizes she has forgotten to check in. She promptly scans the QR, which automatically opens her messaging app and auto-populates SMS with the right phone number and keyword that just requires Helen to push the send button. Salesforce, in conjunction with Mogli, sends Helen the list of available events and awaits her response for the right check-in.

Use Case #3: Feedback, Donations, and Rich Messaging

When the orientation concludes successfully, Steve is excited to know what Dane, Shakti, and everyone who attended had to say about it.

Steve returns to his office and promptly opens the Mogli SMS dash to see that his scheduled message for feedback has already been sent post-event.

When Shakti receives this message, she notices it has only three questions and decides to send her feedback through the same Dream Big SMS thread.

Since Helen is a long-time volunteer, Steve wants to go the extra mile and see if she would like to contribute to the cause.

Steve schedules another message on Mogli SMS requesting Helen to donate to the nonprofit. He ensures that the SMS contains the URL for the donations module.

When Helen clicks on the SMS, she is redirected to the donations module.

Having successfully completed a donation, Steve is elated and wishes to thank Helen personally. He types out a personalized message and enriches it with a “Thank You” media file for Dream Big to show his appreciation for Helen’s generosity.

Since Mogli SMS is Salesforce native, Salesforce is able to pull all the data from Mogli SMS to create detailed analytics of the engagements and donations.

Steve can see the progress of his efforts quantitatively on the dashboard, allowing him to polish his efforts where the results are not optimum.

Watch the full recording here

The Gist

Mogli SMS is an excellent tool for nonprofits as it enables seamless data flow between all Salesforce modules and customer communications.

Every interaction held with the constituents over SMS can be accessed easily. Nonprofits can save time by managing mass communications, volunteer registrations, personalization, and data collection through Mogli SMS.

Are You Ready to Implement Mogli SMS for Your Salesforce?

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