Meet Team Demandblue’s Experts at Dreamforce 2022!

Meet Us @ Dreamforce 2022

Dreamforce – the largest tech conference in the world – is barely a month away. #DF22 in San Francisco is where you can meet all the tech heads keen on building an empowered community. Team DemandBlue is excited to participate in nonprofit-oriented workshops and network with you to address the hurdles of cloud technology. We are excited to be a part of live and on-demand virtual events, just like we enjoyed with the hybrid approach last year. This year, our team is delighted to benefit from in-person meetings.

DemandBlue’s Focus at Dreamforce

Every year, DemandBlue puts a different focus on a business sector that we feel deserves greater attention. This year we have decided to concentrate on Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud. We are thrilled to meet DemandBlue clients from the nonprofit and educational sectors, who will share how we have helped them improve Salesforce benefits with our custom implementation.

Nonprofits are always looking for ways to improve fundraising. The preferred in-person outreach and interaction method was significantly curtailed during the pandemic. It has been challenging for nonprofits to manage donors through virtual meetings.

Those already struggling with technology adoption need additional support to move forward with digital transformation. DemandBlue actively supports your digital technology adoption to create engaging, effective, and successful fundraising campaigns. It is much easier to manage this with Salesforce.

Educational institutions also have undergone a significant change due to the need for virtual education during the pandemic. They have had to adjust to pandemic conditions rapidly. The need for digitization in every aspect of education has forced educational institutions to become more robust. As a result, virtual classrooms and less personal engagement are part of that reality. DemandBlue has expertise in Education Cloud to support your organization’s effort to continue providing the best education to students possible.

The agenda from Salesforce is already out and we love connecting with thought leaders who are willing to share their success stories with Salesforce. There will be loads of learning opportunities, and Dreamforce motivates us to innovate further.

What Does Dreamforce Have in Store for Nonprofits? Nonprofit Cloud has numerous tools to meet the inspirational missions of your organization. Several nonprofit-specific sessions will be organized this year to showcase how other nonprofits have used Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to achieve their mission. This excitement is contagious, and we can’t wait to share the opportunity with you.

If your organization struggles to understand the Nonprofit Cloud, Dreamforce can be the place to help them realize the benefits. The training and certification programs offered at the event are not available elsewhere. Dreamforce is not just another tech conference. It is a great place to network with like-minded people to share past experiences and learn best practices.

Nonprofit Cloud has purpose-built solutions for multiple teams. The flexible, scalable, and agile platform is just what your nonprofit needs to build strong relationships that promote change and resilience. Salesforce NPSP helps maximize your impact by managing fundraising and grants. Finding and engaging with lifelong supporters is now less complicated because of the virtual connectivity.

DemandBlue supports your On Demand NGO needs.

We provide the technical support you need to kick start your cloud-based innovations to create measurable social good. Our team is thrilled to meet and network with NGOs looking forward to benefiting from Salesforce implementation.

How Does Dreamforce Help Educational Institutions Embrace Digital Transformation

Educational institutions must digitally transform themselves for both learner and institution success. On-demand education is a priority now because it provides a high standard of education to remote parts of the world—or across town. As long as students are willing to learn, they can learn from top industry experts from any corner of the world. DemandBlue will empower your institution to reach out to the most underprivileged children to access the best education in the field. Education Cloud has a range of capabilities to enable educational institutions to touch students everywhere and educate them in multiple languages.

The integrated solutions help with every stage of the learner’s cycle, from recruitment and admissions to lifelong scholarship. DemandBlue can help your organization become a future-ready education hub that supports students from different parts of the world to collaborate, discover, and uplift each other for success. Our team will support your institution in connecting trained faculty and staff with students with a thirst for knowledge. Setting up a digital campus need not be difficult with the help and support of experts at Dreamforce.

Meet Our DemandBlue Ambassadors

As we do every year, DemandBlue has put together a fantastic team who can’t wait to meet you in person at Dreamforce 2022. Book your appointments now to resolve technology hurdles that prevent you from realizing the cloud’s potential. You can also interact with our clients to know more about our robust strategies that can help you reduce Salesforce implementation complexities.

Can’t visit our team in person? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Meet our virtual team of experts at your convenience. Book your virtual appointments for quick answers to your specific questions on Salesforce capabilities and how to maximize returns from your investment in Salesforce CRM.

We are counting down the days to provide support to you with our unique and innovative Salesforce implementations.

Stay tuned and engage with us for the latest #DF22 updates.