We’re so excited to share the next big step to ensure nonprofits get the most out of Salesforce!

Introducing Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits - DemandBlue

Introducing Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits! Salesforce.org’s purpose-built nonprofit marketing technology to help organizations evolve their communication strategy faster.

Why Marketing Cloud is a game changer for nonprofits?
  • With Marketing Cloud, nonprofits can quickly deliver and create email campaigns with custom templates
    for volunteers, donors, subscribers, etc.
  • It helps to build long-term relationships with constituents.
  • Marketing Cloud for Nonprofit can be natively integrated with the Salesforce.org Nonprofit Success Pack
    (NPSP), which can accelerate the nonprofit marketing and engagement activities.
  • With personalized and data-driven outreach, nonprofits can now segment donors/constituents quickly and
    create personalized content.
  • Nonprofits can boost their supporter conversions and fundraising efforts with Salesforce's online fundraising
    platform, Elevate.

See it in action! Join us at our webinar on the Intro to Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits to hear how to maximize your reach with Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits.

At DemandBlue, we have the proven expertise in implementing organizations with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We can help you set up Marketing Cloud and customize it to equip your marketers to engage donors, build brand value and convey your impact. We will help you leverage Marketing Cloud's tools to create custom reports and integrate your database with Google Analytics 360 for maximum ROI. Let’s connect to start building supporter-centric experiences!