What is Impact Management?

what is impact management

What is Impact Management?

Impact Management is the ongoing practice of assessing and evaluating the social impact of nonprofits. In this 3-part blog series, Team DemandBlue will share how organizations, just like yours can plan and framework your move to managing improved outcomes – Impact Management style! Let’s begin by seeing how Impact Management enables nonprofits to become more efficient and data-driven.

Impact Management is :

  • The difference between vague estimates and facts
  • The difference between one successful campaign and a series of successful missions that run on auto-pilot. Because as in every business, to play the long game it is essential to not just focus on outcomes but on predictable outcomes.

Why is Impact Management essential for nonprofits?

The focus for nonprofits is to deliver their mission and ensure that their programs and services are making an impact on that mission. If they are able to demonstrate that, it becomes a story to tell to donors which increases their commitment to the organization. The goal is to see which programs and services provided are generating the most impact for the clients and individuals served. Programs and services that provide greater impact should be expanded and those that don’t should be re-evaluated.

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On an ending note, we are proud to announce that Arturo Ordoqui, DemandBlue.org's nonprofit head, is part of the Dreamforce webinar panel alongside Salesforce.org's Andrew Means and other notable guests.