Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for your Salesforce Environment

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for your Salesforce Environment

Salesforce has mandated the Multi-Factor Authentication for its users, and it will be effective starting February 1st, 2022. That's why we are here to answer those questions and guide you to set up your Multi-Factor Authentication for Salesforce. We will explain how you can enable MFA for your organization to maximize your Salesforce security.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication is the new security update for all Salesforce users. It aims at effectively increasing your Salesforce security for accessing your instance and protects your organization from threats like credential stuffing, phishing attacks, and account takeovers. This adds a new layer of protection to your Salesforce login and requires additional validation on top of your username and password.

Here are the MFA solutions for your Salesforce account:
  • Salesforce Authenticator App
  • Third-party authenticator apps
  • Security key fob
  • Built-in authenticators (Face and Fingerprint IDs)

Setting up an MFA solution is a matter of your organization's policies and needs to be discussed with the legal and HR team. If your organization is already using an authenticator app, it is best to continue using it for your Salesforce environment to avoid any complexity. Otherwise, DemandBlue recommends the Salesforce Authenticator app for your organization which comes with an Einstein location feature to auto-approve logins based on the device's location.

How Salesforce Authenticator app helps you with Multi-Factor Authentication?

Salesforce Authenticator app is a reliable and recommended solution for MFA. It is a mobile two-factor authentication app that offers enterprise-class security without complexing the interface for users and delivers convenience and simplicity without compromising the security of your end-users. Salesforce Authenticator makes it easier for your employees to access your critical business apps through simple push notifications and send security alerts whenever it detects an attempt of a security breach.

Learn how to enable Multi-Factor Authentication for your organization by watching our webinar. Our experts will take you through a step-by-step MFA enablement process alongside providing various solutions and resources to help you get started.

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