Get ready for Constituent Engagement with Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

Getting Started with Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

Salesforce has introduced Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits dedicated to helping nonprofits engage with their audience and deliver a connected experience with their marketing journeys. It allows nonprofits to leverage data from their Nonprofit Cloud to enhance their communication strategy and create personalized email campaigns for donors, supporters, and volunteers. In addition, Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits comes with a handful of predefined email templates and journeys for nonprofit campaigns and is compatible with Nonprofit, Pro, Enterprise, and Corporate Salesforce licenses.

Ramp up Nonprofit Marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits helps you improve your engagement strategy and encourages supporters to donate to the cause your organization stands for. It is a complete nonprofit marketing platform that enables your marketers to go beyond their marketing goals and enhance nonprofit marketing practices to resonate with the target audience. These features make Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits an excellent tool for addressing a large audience quickly and effectively.

The quick benefits and features of Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits:

Guided Setup

The Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits provides a complete walkthrough on connecting Marketing Cloud, creating users, and giving permissions to your users. It helps you step by step synchronize your nonprofit data from NPSP to Marketing Cloud.

Data-driven personalization

The marketing cloud integration with Nonprofit Cloud helps you leverage your data to develop personalized marketing content for emails with your donors, supporters, and volunteers to enhance engagement. It also helps segment your audience as per your needs and ultimately starts a personalized journey that results in long-lasting relations.

Nonprofit Email Templates

Marketing Cloud for nonprofits comes with 11 email templates designed to increase the audience interaction for nonprofits. These templates address some of the most fundamental elements for nonprofits:

  • Welcome Newsletter Subscription
  • Recurring Newsletter
  • Thank You & Donation Impact
  • Personal Appeal from ED
  • High Touch Thank You
  • Thank you & Automatic Payment Ask
  • Reminder + Impact of Donation
  • Intro to Org. + What We Offer
  • Recurring Donor Thank You + Subscribe to Newsletter
  •  Thank You + Impact + Call to Action
  • Reminder to Complete CTA 
Journey Builder templates

Marketing Cloud for nonprofits also provides 4 Journey templates if you already are a Journey Builder user. Here are those four template types:

  • Single Send Thank you 
  • General Donor Population Newsletter
  • Recurring Donor Campaign Journey
  • New Donor Welcome Series
It also provides:
  • 100,000 API Calls for integration 
  • 10,000 automation of work processes
  • Storage space for 10,000 Contacts
  • The ability to send 750,000 Super Messages
  • Access for up to 5 users

How DemandBlue can help you implement and redeem the most out of
Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits with our quick start features:

    DemandBlue has a well-devised implementation structure ready for nonprofit organizations. It is a step-by-step process that addresses your marketing needs.

  • Our nonprofit specialist conducts discovery with business stakeholders and understands the goals and expectations of your organization
  • We help in setting up the Marketing Cloud and configure your users in your system
  • Our experts will add the necessary email design elements like logos, headers, and footers while setting up subscribers and recipients of the emails
  • Our team will ensure that the rules are configured to validate the email content and meet CAN-SPAM compliance
  • We integrate your Marketing Cloud with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for seamless data sync and setup 4-step automation for the sender and delivery details
  • We work with your Web Administrator to manage the auto-response to reply mail setup

Our objective is to deliver a clutter-free marketing experience that helps you resonate with your supporters and engage donors effectively. Our implementation process will let you instantly deploy marketing Cloud to your service. We configure the mailing process and ensure that no stone is left unturned with our testing process, in which we test send static emails for enablement purposes.

Setting up the preference center with four of the Data extensions is part of our implementation results. We import the data source to a single list or data extension (up to 25 fields included)

Apart from our quick start implementation features, we also help you set up other Marketing Cloud products like Journey builder and audience builder to help you achieve your marketing endeavors.

  • Our Journey builder implementation will help you create and configure 1:1 journeys
  • Connecting Nonprofit Cloud Program Management Module & Case Management will let you smoothly communicate with prospective, current, and former program participants and clients
  • Similarly, synchronizing with Volunteer for Salesforce will let you communicate with prospective, current, and former volunteers
  • As well, synchronizing with Outbound Funds Module & Grant Management will let you communicate with prospective, current, and former funding recipients

Check out our resources for best practices and tips, such as IP warming.

Why go DemandBlue?

DemandBlue is a Impact and Equality partner with immense experience working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We are certified Marketing Cloud and Nonprofit consultants and can help transform your marketing journey with best practices and swift implementation. Our results will let you adapt to the current nonprofit landscape and enable you to run effective marketing campaigns. We deliver excellence and promise an impactful journey ahead with our On-Demand service model and provide support to new journeys, data imports, Audience Builder, etc

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