DemandBlue supports a leading nonprofit association with database management to upscale productivity and impact

The client is a massive nonprofit association with over 120,000 constituents. They are a labor union based out of North America and run welfare campaigns for their workers. Their members include workers who deal with bridges, structural steel, ornamental, architectural, and miscellaneous metals, rebar, and shops.


The client is a nonprofit association that supports its beneficiaries to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. They have a dedicated beneficiary welfare department called IMPACT that runs on the Business Incubator Leadership Development (BILD) program to help beneficiaries set up a business structure and provide appropriate guidance. Their goal is to help their beneficiaries manage risks, reduce costs, and increase profit margins for an impactful business experience.

The client did not have a centralized database in place and used spreadsheets to manage and store data. This made it difficult for them to keep track of services and maintain the proper utility of client’s funds.

The client interpreted nonprofit data using charts and diagrams for their programs. But, due to the process being error-prone and time-consuming, the client’s productivity and nonprofit activities were interrupted. This led to beneficiaries not being adequately supported on time and turbulence in the client’s profile management process.


DemandBlue’s advisory team collaborated with the client’s stakeholders to understand the methods and requirements. The key findings helped our team plan and re-create the existing spreadsheet process by developing and implementing BILD data in Salesforce.

  • Our experts built several custom fields to capture all the program details, such as participants, services offered, ownership transfers, and contacts.
  • Team DemandBlue also set up reports and dashboards for the client to help them manage and track the performance of the client’s programs with ease.


  • Simplified Tracking: DemandBlue enhanced the client’s productivity and profile management by integrating the program records with Salesforce. The integration helped us set up dashboards for the client to help them track how their services and the status of aids provided to beneficiaries. This enabled the client to use their funds to support their beneficiaries better and track the progress of grants.
  • Increased Insights: Our Salesforce services helped the client receive detailed reports and insights on their BILD program to provide a complete picture of their campaign performance with quick snapshots. The complete overview of programs and nonprofit activities helped the client develop strategies to create an ongoing impact on the nonprofit members. This ultimately helped the beneficiaries grow and successfully pursue their entrepreneurial goals.
  • Single Data Source: Team DemandBlue streamlined ownership of multiple stakeholders and their data repositories and transferred them to Salesforce, so they only have one set of data to rely on. This led to swift and effective management of worker profiles and enabled the client to run nonprofit activities seamlessly.
  • Impact on Beneficiaries: The overall implementation process allowed the client to significantly increase its impact on the beneficiaries. The client was able to deliver and well measure the impact created by different nonprofit activities to compare results and identify what works the best for their program.

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