DemandBlue helped a nonprofit organization add transparency to their food distribution app.

DemandBlue helped a nonprofit organization add transparency to their food distribution app.

The client is a nonprofit organization that bridges communities and resources to help neighbors overcome food insecurity and lead happy, healthy lives. They focus on social services, food safety, hunger relief, food rescue, volunteer opportunities, human services, and working for the poor.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the client put their food distribution campaigns on overdrive and significantly outperformed their target. More than 5,000 volunteers joined the food bank family, sharing 61,000 hours of their time to help the needy receive meals amid the COVID crisis.

The client ran management campaigns for their Repack Schedules, Skilled Volunteering, and Produce to People. The volunteers’ activity schedules for these aggressive campaigns were managed manually. However, with the sudden rise in the number of volunteers, the process became time-consuming and obsolete. Volunteer work productivity and data accuracy began to suffer with slower, error-prone food distribution.


Team DemandBlue worked with the client’s team closely to understand the operational needs and enhanced the user interface to help their constituents for quicker adoption and improved data accessibility. Our development process helped the client create and manage campaigns based on volunteer availabilities to assign them tasks accordingly. The client also got the ability to replicate campaign and related records through a guided wizard to create new campaigns. We helped the admin team access data so it could be thoroughly reviewed before saving anything on the system.


  • DemandBlue’s project deployment was swift and was executed with no downtime or operational disruptions. People in need received their food supplies on time, and no one was left behind.
  • Our team exceeded the client’s expectations. We delivered the project ahead of schedule, which catalyzed their food distribution services to create an impact and allowed them to help more people every day.
  • DemandBlue enhanced the client’s user engagement and adoption rates for maximizing responsiveness and site accessibility. The application helped the client and the beneficiaries to better understand the deliverables and services.
  • The nonprofit campaign managers could allocate the food distribution swiftly. It increased the effectiveness of campaigns and allowed for easy program updates.

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