DemandBlue enhanced volunteer and supporter engagement for a nonprofit organization in mid of COVID pandemic

DemandBlue enhanced volunteer and supporter engagement for a nonprofit organization in mid of COVID pendemic

The client is a nonprofit organization who bridges communities and resources to help the people in need overcome food insecurity and lead happy, healthy lives. They focus on social services, food safety, hunger relief, food rescue, volunteer opportunities, human services, and working for the poor.


The client supports feeding hundreds of needy people with daily meals as Pittsburgh’s leading food distribution organization. A problem they were challenged with involved the outreach to better provide people with information on their food choices and helping people locate their closest food source.

The client wanted to give people better control over their food choices and decisions like meal components, the radius of the nearest food source, and its schedule to be easily accessible to the people in need.


DemandBlue created an application using Salesforce Experience Cloud and Lighting Web Components to provide a preferred interactive user experience for individuals to locate food resources and address the client’s challenge. We also configured the site with Google Maps API to provide food resource location and help individuals find the nearest or most convienient location.

The Find Food Guide site used data from their Salesforce instance to provide relevant public information on programs and service schedules based on the user’s selection. The application helped the people in prioritizing and filtering the results based on the selected choices. This gives people the ability to see the locations of various programs on the map and choose which options they prefer.


  • DemandBlue customized the Find Food Guide application to help people in need track their meal options and the location of the nearest food distribution centers.
  • The people in need were able to access the client’s services and choose the search radius, meal types, and select the most suitable and convenient food pick-up location.

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