Helping a nonprofit organization set up a long-term marketing journey to spread awarness

Helping a nonprofit organization set up a long-term marketing journey to spread awarness

The client is the leading nonprofit fellowship that plays a massive role in building bridges between Christians and Jews. They provide humanitarian care and life-saving aid to the holocaust survivors, orphans, families, poor and elderly, IDF soldiers and their families, and victims of war.


  • The client runs email marketing campaigns to engage their donors and volunteers to take part in helping the Jews and Israel. However, the email journey only lasted 45 days and didn’t create the expected impact on the people.
  • They wanted to run a long-term email cultivation journey for their different campaigns and ensure they don’t overwhelm their supporters with emails by making them part of multiple journeys at one time.
  • The client also wanted to spread awareness by sending emails on special occasions like anniversaries and start event-based mailers that go out once a year.


Team DemandBlue understood the client’s nonprofit goals and extended the existing email journey. Our experts optimized the process to add subscribers to the appropriate email list for their respective programs.

We ensured that no subscribers were overlapping in different campaigns by optimizing the contact database and listing every subscriber for their respective campaigns individually. Our team configured the email Journey Builder to automate emails based on the subscribers’ activities and enabled real-time status updates for receiving insights.

We created a custom anniversary journey and anniversary fields so the subscribers can receive personalized emails for each program.


  • We helped the client significantly increase marketing outreach and bring in more people who want to help them in their cause to aid the Jewish community. Our team helped the client engage supporters with automatically triggered event-based email campaigns to spread the word for the welfare of the Jewish community.
  • DemandBlue enhanced the operational efficiency of the client and simplified their nonprofit process by automating the status updates. This provided their team with a constant source of information on supporters, donors, and volunteers to drive their welfare campaigns.
  • Continuously updating the status of the subscriber list for every campaign enabled the client’s team to create and deploy effective strategies using the tools in the dashboard.

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