Leading Housing Corporation leans on DemandBlue to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience

Jamboree Housingis a leading nonprofit housing corporation based in Irvine, CA. They deliverquality, affordable housing, and services that transform lives and strengthen communities. The company offers development and construction of new rental and for-sale housing, acquisition, and rehabilitation services.


Jamboree Housing has an extremely mature instance of the Salesforce platform with various complexities, ranging from highly customized Visualforce pages, custom buttons, AppExchange products, and more. They had 2 major challenges. One was that since they were in Classic, they could not leverage the new features and updates that would work only in Lightning. The second challenge was that the team was not fully utilizing the features of Salesforce, and they felt migrating to Lightning would improve user adoption, efficiency, and overall productivity.


DemandBlue’sOn-Demand Services (ODS) for Salesforce ideally matched the client’s expectations, as it not only provides Salesforce development expertise with Lightning experience, but also facilitates ultra-fast product delivery to the client through faster engagement, agile approach and scalable resources. The team assessed the existing application and immediately set about fulfilling the client’s requirements using lightning transition

Manual Sharing

Sharing buttons are not supported in Lightning Experience. DemandBlue leveraged the AppExchange package “Lightning Sharing” from Salesforce Labs to mimic the Standard manual sharing button features.

Consistent Styling – VF Pages

Visualforce pages tend to work as expected; however, DemandBlue implemented Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) to style them to be consistent with Salesforce core features.

Fully Qualified URLs

DemandBlue enabled My Domain and replaced all hardcoded URLs’ with the My Domain URL.

Custom Buttons and Links

JavaScript buttons and links are not visible in lightning experience. The approach is to create lightning component and invoke them using quick action.

Documents Tab

As Documents Tab is not available in Lightning, DemandBlue leveraged Files feature. However, references to documents for instance in Apex continue to work.

Email Templates

Users cannow access Classic email templates from Lightning. All back-end operations like workflows and triggers continue to work. DemandBlue replaced all instances of hardcoded URLs with My Domain URL.


  • The client wanted the application upgrade done in a hurry as it was impacting their business, and the ODS model exceeded their expectations by delivering the product ahead of schedule.
  • New SFDC lightning features such as Einstein’s AI features, Kanban Views, Lightning Reporting, Lightning Service Console, and more were made available for the organization.
  • Mobile compatibility was enhanced as SFDC Lightning is a mobile friendly platform.
  • Overall, refactoring of layouts and components allows all users to reduce the amount of time needed to complete a business use case.
  • Responsive and analytics UI with custom dashboards made monitoring and tracking much easier and simpler.