Workflow automation and Salesforce customization powers the Nonprofit property developer

Salesforce for Nonprofit property developer

Jamboree Housing Corporation is a leading nonprofit property developer, who provides housing and services to help neighbourhoods, communities and individuals. Jamboree offers housing and support for the working poor, elderly, permanent supportive housing for the mentally ill, housing for persons at-risk of homelessness, and many others


  • Jamboree Housing Corporation was using Legacy systems, which included Excel sheets, for maintaining data across their various departments including Volunteer, Case, Asset, Community and others.
  • The Nonprofit developer faced immense challenges in terms of pulling out data to find out why they lost a bid
  • Their other challenges included having real-time access to data and tracking volunteer activities in the community among many others.
  • The client wanted to automate their legacy systems and processes to enable the Community users to seamlessly manage volunteer details and deliver superior customer and employee experiences.

DemandBlue Salesforce Expertise and Solution

Once the client was onboarded, DemandBlue’s advisory team set up several meetings with the functional stakeholders of the organization that helped us understand their business processes. Based on the discussions, the team laid down a roadmap that aligned their various business needs with the features in the Salesforce to ensure that Salesforce is the right product for the customer.

Subsequently, the development team designed and developed the database structure in Salesforce. By leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud, we built an advanced data management platform, which enabled the client to slickly and efficiently manage and maintain their critical data.


  • The modernized solution has enabled Jamboree to digitize key business processes, improve data management and win more bids. This and increased their chances of customer acquisition by 30%
  • They had real-time access to high-quality data, which improved their decision making skills and productivity by 45%
  • They were able to better track the volunteer activities in real-time, opening up a world of opportunities for them to broaden their business horizons

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