DemandBlue’s expertise in Apsona customization drives a leading nonprofit organizations’s productivity

Client is a nonprofit organization standing up for the noble cause of spreading awareness against drunk and drugged driving. They have been successfully organizing campaigns across the United States and Canada to stop people from risking theirs and putting other lives at risk while driving under the influence


The client assists victims of drunk and drugged driving accidents and provides them with services like victim advocacy and health related service support. This requires the client to manage vast amounts of data in every State throughout the country. For this, client used Apsona, through which it could access required data from the database and run multi-step reporting. They needed a flexible solution that allowed complex, customized logic and reduced the need for time consuming manual data transformation and intervention. This also required client to pay additional license cost for hundreds of Advocates (SF Community Users) across the country just to run a report.


DemandBlue suggested re-implementing Apsona while creating a new VisualForce page and controller to leverage the Apsona features.


  • By building a VF page with controller, reports can be accessed without having to buy a license for every user and report – resulting in a direct 35% annual cost savings for the client
  • Client’s advocates/Users adapted to the new process easily and their efficiency and reduced manual efforts and errors by 95% after the re-implementation of Apsona app.
  • Improved efficiency of client’s staff ensured there was better engagement with the partners and users leading to faster and more efficient victim support.

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