Top five hidden features that you must leverage from Salesforce’s Nonprofit Program Management Module (PMM)

Nonprofit organizations often have complex program management needs, which can be challenging to manage without the right tools.

One common challenge that nonprofits face is a lack of visibility and insight into program performance. Without a centralized system for managing program data, they struggle to track program outcomes, participant demographics, and other key metrics, which ultimately affect decisions and reduce program effectiveness. For instance, without accurate data on program outcomes, nonprofits may not be able to identify areas for improvement or make adjustments to program delivery to better meet participant needs.

This is where Salesforce's Nonprofit Program Management Module (PMM) can help.

Salesforce PMM offers a set of tools and features designed specifically for nonprofit organizations looking to streamline their program management. It has built-in features that allow them to manage program delivery, participant tracking, volunteer management, and program evaluation coherently.

While many organizations may be familiar with the basic features of the PMM, there are several other hidden features that nonprofits can leverage for greater impact. In this post, we will explore the top five hidden features of the Salesforce PMM.

Program enrollment management

Program enrollment management is an essential aspect of nonprofit management. With it, you can create, implement, and oversee strategies that attract, enroll, and retain participants in the organization's programs. Integrating Salesforce PMM will expedite these activities, allowing you to manage and automate program enrollments through features such as waitlisting and enrollment reminders.

For instance, if a program has reached its maximum capacity, the automatic waitlisting feature enables participants to easily add themselves to a waitlist. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free registration process, avoiding any confusion or frustration arising from the manual management of waitlists.

In case of enrollment reminders, it helps you keep program participants in the loop. That is, from sending out timely updates to notifying participants, this feature enables you to achieve maximum participant strength. This allows participants to prepare and plan accordingly and enhances the overall experience and success of the program.

Customizable program tracking

One of the significant advantages of the PMM is that nonprofits can customize program tracking to meet their specific needs. This means organizations can set up custom fields and tracking for their programs. For instance, a nonprofit can create custom fields to track participant demographics, program outcomes, and evaluations. By doing this, nonprofits can collect more accurate and relevant data to assess the strength of their programs and make data-driven decisions.

Volunteer management

Salesforce PMM enables nonprofits to implement a structured volunteer program that leads to increased impact and enhanced relationships between the organization and the community it serves. With features such as volunteer scheduling, automatic assignment, and volunteer hour tracking, nonprofits can ensure that their volunteers are engaged and their time is used well. For instance, automatic assignment in Volunteers for Salesforce (VS4) ensures that volunteers are assigned to relevant programs based on their skills and availability, while volunteer hour tracking enables nonprofits to report volunteer time accurately, which is crucial for grant reporting and compliance.

Robust reporting capabilities

One of the significant benefits of the PMM is its robust reporting capabilities. Salesforce PMM provides a range of reports that nonprofits can run to gain insights into program performance and impact. For instance, nonprofits can use the program attendance report to track participation and assess engagement.

Program outcomes report allows organizations to track program outcomes and measure the impact of their programs on the community. With these reports, nonprofits can easily demonstrate their impact to funders, refine and improve programs over time, and be transparent to their stakeholders, providing evidence of the impact on the community.

Integration with other Salesforce products

PMM integrates seamlessly with other Salesforce products, such as Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). This integration provides nonprofits with various benefits, including streamlined data management and reporting. For instance, nonprofits can use the NPSP to manage their donor data and PMM to manage their program data, ensuring that all data are consolidated under a unified platform. By leveraging this integration, nonprofits can save time, reduce errors, and make data-driven decisions across their organization effortlessly.

Also, it’s crucial for Nonprofits to explore these features and see how they can benefit their organization before implementing them. By doing this, nonprofits can optimize their use of the PMM and ensure they use it to its full potential.

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