Helping a leading nonprofit organization accelerate for events, donations, and engagements

Women Employed is a leading nonprofit advocacy organization with a mission to remove barriers to economic equity and promote women’s financial status. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, they have been successfully organizing events for more than 45 years for the welfare of working women nationwide.


Our client works with employers, various organizations, and educators to address the challenges working women face in their everyday lives. They make sure that all women attain the required skills for the job they love and connect with working women to understand the barriers they face daily and inform them about their rights. They also lobby state and federal legislators about the challenges women face in the workplace. In addition, they collaborate with community organizations, colleges, and funders to build strategic solutions. Recently the client decided to move away from Constant Contact to Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits. This transition was a greater challenge than they expected, both technically and from a resource perspective.


Team DemandBlue worked closely with the client to understand their needs and expectations to resolve their challenge. We implemented Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits and integrated it with Nonprofit Success Pack, and brought about a smooth transition from Constant Connect. Our additional training support helped the client learn the process quickly and to take immediate advantage of Marketing Cloud’s benefits to create more and deeper constituent engagement. The client was happy with the minimal time taken to complete the project.


  • DemandBlue’s project deployment helped our client’s initial messaging outreach make use of the data extension with a 96% successful send rate.
  • By integrating Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, our client could use its robust marketing features and access valuable data synchronized across multiple platforms.
  • Automation features of Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits combined with Salesforce allowed for the seamless achievement of our client’s marketing goals.
  • Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits provided them with real-time data for outreach, and quantitative outcomes helped our client accelerate their organization for events, donations, and engagement.

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